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I brought two of my kids to the comic shop with me this morning. I intended to buy them each something. I wasn't willing to put down $8 for one comic each that I knew they'd leave laying around and would be destroyed before the week was up. Getting them each something more durable that could sit on a bookshelf would have put me back $24.

I ended up buying them PEZ candies, because it was about the only thing they could find in the store that wasn't more than $5. (The store has a 50 cent bin, but those aren't the books aimed at kids. Letting them pick up a random issue of the original run of X-Force isn't doing anyone any favors.)

So what is a parent who doesn't own 5,000 comic books going to think about it, bringing their kid to the comic shop and looking at the price tags?

I don't mind spending money on my kids. It's just that I know it's such a casual interest for them. The money I spend on them needs to be worth the experience, and at ages 7 & 8, it just isn't. For just a couple more bucks I can get them another Disney Infinity figure, that they will play with for hours.

Indeed, that's another part of the problem. Once upon a time, comics were the price of a candy bar. Until they're back to this, kids really aren't going to be a factor.

As much as I love comics, they really are not worth getting into. Comic reading is a calling.

But um... $8? Yikes. I was finding it somewhat difficult to justify $3-4, back when my daughter was 10-ish. There isn't a way in heck I would have ever bought a 20-odd-page comic for $8, for myself or her.

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