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Subj: Re: Last ep...
Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2015 at 03:49:59 pm EST (Viewed 218 times)
Reply Subj: Agent Carter feedback!
Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2015 at 11:09:17 pm EST (Viewed 180 times)

    Ladislaus Almásy: If you want a second season of Agent Carter, please let ABC know! It only takes two minutes to leave them feedback here:

Last ep discussed on another bulletin board for consideration:


    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)20:16:19 No.69575614
    I missed the last few minutes of last week's episode, what happened in it? Last thing I got was Dottie kissing Peggy.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)20:17:31 No.69575665
    The SSR caught Peggy and brought her in for questioning. Related site here:

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)20:18:50 No.69575707
    >Dottie kissing Peggy.
    Wait what?! Dammit, why did I drop this series after episode 4.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:00:47 No.69577659
    Dottie is best girl, True or True?

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:02:26 No.69577754
    >Dr. Faustus
    Like I've been saying for a week, it's him

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:02:54 No.69577777
    Everyone is too busy freaking out over the last 90 seconds of Flash to care about this show. It's on hiatus for the next 3 weeks though so we might see these threads get some activity.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:03:06 No.69577790

    Creepy Soviet assassins are always best.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:04:38 No.69577869
    all happening in the one episode the howling commandos showed up in!

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:06:17 No.69577959
    I hope Carter confronts Dottie soon.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:07:04 No.69577991
    Should I be eating chocolate rice pudding or almond milk pudding with this?

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:07:08 No.69577994
    Why don't they just give her the carrot and the stick like the last suspects?

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:09:47 No.69578113
    People are going to bitch about that her lecture at them, but I thought it was cool.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:11:26 No.69578192
    Man, these Sprint commercials are the worst.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:11:45 No.69578207
    That was great.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:11:48 No.69578211
    It's the British accent. People just can't say no to it.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:17:11 No.69578434

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:17:20 No.69578440
    god peggy and jarvis are really fun together

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:17:28 No.69578442
    Oh Jarvis you well meaning idiot.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:17:31 No.69578447

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:23:04 No.69578655
    How's the episode so far? Was eating

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:24:22 No.69578710
    Peggy's a badass, everyone else continues to be an idiot. And Dottie is about to kill everyone.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:28:24 No.69578862
    Doc is going to hypnotize him.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:29:28 No.69578908
    Part of me wants the psychiatrist to succeed so the guy can be with his family again.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:30:07 No.69578929
    High pitched frequency puts them into a trance.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:30:28 No.69578945
    This dude's a pretty good villain. I find myself yearning for him to get kicked in the head.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:35:27 No.69579109
    That's a really terrifying and effective way to contextualize the Black Widow program and how dangerous they are as agents.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:37:49 No.69579188
    Jarvis. His "Wife" is gonna turn out to be Howard Stark in a dress and wig.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:38:20 No.69579209
    Thompson? No, she ends up with a guy that Cap saved in the first movie from Red Skull's base. Implied to be one of the Howling Commandos. She also gets her job back so that she can quit it when Howard Stark is acquitted to form SHIELD proper. Then she gets Alzheimers, and Stark dies in a manufactured car crash because Hail Hydra. This show holds no surprises.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:38:22 No.69579211
    What was special about that vest?

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:38:38 No.69579217
    A leather vest? Why not just mind control everything into a crate

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:42:04 No.69579346
    Black Widow makes an excellent opponent in any age.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:43:21 No.69579388
    Dottie is a way better widow than scar joe

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:49:47 No.69579586
    "Get the Scientists!" I have a good feeling about this.

    Anonymous 02/17/15(Tue)21:50:46 No.69579618

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