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Subj: Re: So, I Haven't Read The AXIS Event, But Was It Worthwhile? Did Anything Of Lasting Value Happen, Or Were There Any Changes In The Status Quo? Other Than
Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2015 at 10:52:50 am EST (Viewed 259 times)
Reply Subj: Re: So, I Haven't Read The AXIS Event, But Was It Worthwhile? Did Anything Of Lasting Value Happen, Or Were There Any Changes In The Status Quo? Other Than
Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2015 at 08:42:59 am EST (Viewed 159 times)

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    Magneto being revealed to not be the father of Wanda and Pietro (Boy, poor Mags! Now he really has no family left. Heck, is Magda still in existence anymore, then? I bet that Pietro is happy about this, though.).

We still haven't been told how this affects Magda, but we're getting that story in Uncanny Avengers 2.0.

    Didn't all of the villains become heroes, or good guys? Sabretooth, Arnim Zola, and worst of all, Carnage? I don't see psychos like that being good under ANY circumstances, even a spell.

Not Zola. He wasn't really involved.

Anyway, spells can do anything, literally. A nutty Carnage, going around rescuing innocents is just as believable as a suddenly Fascist FalconCap attacking civilians.

Surprisingly, Inverted Carnage was fairly delightful to read. I've never, ever been able to stand Carnage, except for this AXIS thing. He was just way too over-the-top psycho and powerful for Spidey, imo.

    And did some heroes turn bad? Did it all just get reverted back to the status quo at the end? Did anything of consequence happen, did anyone die, or was it just another waste of time crossover that will fill the void until this upcoming Secret Wars/New Crossover event? Is it worth reading? I'm hesitant to read it because of Onslaught. I love Onslaught, but they should have just kept dead after the original Onslaught saga. I'm pretty sure that he wasn't meant to be a recurring villain. It just feels kind of weird that they would bring him back. Are they really that stuck for new ideas? And it was the 90's, and Onslaught soured a lot of readers. It just seems strange.

- SuperiorSupercilious Iron Man is a result of the Inversion, because Inverted Tony was smart enough to foresee and block the counter-spell.
- Havok and Sabretooth were caught in Tony's protective bubble, so they are still Inverted, as well.
- Havok kidnapped Wasp to make his escape. Her whereabouts are still unknown, but he seems to have ditched her shortly after escaping.
- Sabretooth turned himself into the authorities and is writing his sorrowful memoirs from prison... until Uncanny Avengers 2.0.
- While Inverted, Doom brought Stature and Doctor Voodoo back from the dead.
- Doom is holding Red Skull prisoner.

I think that's about it.

    The art looks good though. What did you guys think? Were major villains like Arnim Zola or Bullseye (What happened to him since he appeared in Daredevil?) in this? Madame Hydra? Crossbones? Oh, and I might have missed something, but why is Steve Rogers old, and why is Sam Wilson the new Captain America?

The premise was rather weak, but it wasn't an especially bad crossover, imo. Just everything was way too arbitrary.

Zola was not really part of the story. Right when this story was lifting off, Zola did attack NYC, but was quickly dealt with before the real meat of the AXIS story began.

No Bullseye. No Madame Hydra.

The only real villains in the story are:
- Mystique
- Sabretooth
- Loki
- Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley)
- Carnage
- Jack O'Lantern
- Absorbing Man
- Enchantress (Amora)
- and of course Red Skull, Doom, and Magneto.

Steve Rogers is old because of something completely unrelated to this story. It happened before this, in the pages of Cap's book. A villain by the name of Iron Nail was able to neutralize the Super-Soldier Serum in his blood, making him lose his powers and rapidly age. As far as we know at this point, it is a permanent situation.

So Dr Doom is still a good guy now?

If so, would he not be the best choice to lead new advengers then?

And Steve staying old and feeble will last about as long as marvel keeps Wolverine dead and gone...

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