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Well all in all this was a good 8 episode series and I hope we get a Season 2

The evil Russians want to release a special gas that Stark developed in Times Square to poison everyone, plus the gas makes people crazy and they will kill each other.

The Russian leader is a master at bending people's minds and he mind warps Stark into flying the plane with the gas, Jarvis hops into an armed plane go after him.

Peggy defeats the Russian female assassin who is clearly the 50's version of the Black Widow albeit a bit crazy. The assassin gets away but is wounded but we know she will be back.

SSR agents capture the Russian leader and he is sent to prison wearing a head/mouth brace to keep him from speaking.

Howard is saved, the city is safe, Peggy has earned the respect of the SSR, but she may be leaving them. Stark also tosses her one of his houses to live in and Jarvis tells her to contact him if she needs his help again. Jarvis then gives her the last vial of Captain America's blood that we saw in the past few episodes. He states that Stark was led to believe the blood was lost and that only Peggy would know what to do with it. Basically the govt wasted all the other blood samples trying to replicate the serum as well as discover cures for diseases.

Peggy goes to the Brooklyn bridge and uncorks the vial and dumps the blood into the water, saying a farewell to Rogers.

Episode ends with the Russian in his cell and he meets his new cell mate......ARNIM ZOLA!

Seeing the Russian's lips mashed together like that, and Zola suggesting they try to replicate his ability with other means, did anyone else get a "Controller" vibe?

Good show. It's funny, I tried to explain the premise of the show to my middle son, who is really into superheroes.

"It's a Marvel show! Is Captain America in it?"
"No. It's about Captain America's girlfriend, after Cap is frozen."
"Oh. Hey, it's Iron Man's dad! Is Iron Man in this?"
"No. Just Iron Man's dad, and his dad's butler."

Suffice it to say, "The Adventures of Captain America's Girlfriend, and Iron Man's Dad's Butler" didn't hold his attention...