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    I remember after Crisis Of Infinite Earths that two creators/contributors to the old DC Multiverse, Gardner Fox and E. Nelson Bridwell, died soon after and DC didn't care enough to send representation to the latter's funeral.
    I guess the regime behind Marvel will be as callous to their remaining founding fathers/key contributors Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, John Romita, Sr. and Roy Thomas. Why not, since they are destroying their legacy?
    It makes me wonder why Marvel bothered settling with the Kirby estate since they are cancelling FF/destroying the rest of Kirby's co-legacy.

Considering nothing has happened yet I do not see why anybody is getting worked up over nothing. I think there will be the collapsing of realities and then be shifted back.

The FF thing is sort of dumb for the reasons that they did it. But it is not like the series has been that good in a while. Hickman's run was pretty good but since then Fractions was pretty forgettable and so on.

Never fully understood the devotion to Kirby either. The guy was great and great at what he did but given his work is part of the MU it exists outside of him.

On the contrary I think that Fantastic 4 has been very good for quite some time, however like many titles 'good' does not necessarily equate to 'popular'.

I dont think Marvel will destroy the legacy of the Marvel Universe, although I do think it will be significantly altered.

Characters origins will be shifted in time - so Stark will have always been injured in Afghanistan, the Punisher will have always been a Gulf Veteran, Hulk and the F4 wont have received their powers as a result of the cold war arms/space race, Nick Fury will have always been black etc.

Alot of peripheral characters will probably cease to exist in the short term, perhaps to be introduced at a later date as and when needed.

I also think it is inevitable that the comics universe will be brought more in line with the cinematic universe (I actually think that is the main principle behind the whole change) in order to try and attract in some of those millions of movie fans who dont currently read comics. I dont think it will actually work, but thats a different debate.

Most of Marvels main characters will still be easily recognised as those we currently know and love, but with various differences - most subtle, but perhaps some a little more drastic.

Continuity will however essentially cease to exist. I have no doubt that everything that has happened in 75 years of Marvel comics so far will be essentially erased and consigned as having never happened in the first place as the publisher attempts to write a new, more streamline, more convenient, more profitable history for itself.

Personally i think its very sad, and i am already satisfied that I will not be maintaining my current very significant investment in Marvels comics. Certainly very few of the Secret Wars titles interest me.

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