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Subj: Re: When do you become a Marvel fan?
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I very much enjoy these forums. So many different points of view. But, I think if we all put our bias aside we can agree that there was a time, or a comic, or a moment when...well when it just caught you.

So let's share. When did Marvel Comics get under your skin?

For me, I was nine. The kid across the street was buzzing about Secret Wars. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then, my parents dragged me on a loathsome car trip to Nebraska of all places to see my Grandma. Ugh. But Grandma was kinda cool. While in a Piggly Wiggly of all places (I was a f**king Chicago boy caught in rural hell) I saw Secret Wars 10 on the rack and and remembered that neighbor kid and...she bought it for me. DOOM. If anyone remembers the cover of SW 10 you will know why it caught my attention and why Grandma was cool for buying it.

Got back home and Mom was cool too. Cool enough to fan the flames and drive me to the local comic shop. Bought Thor 370, West Coast Avengers 1 and X-Factor 1. Because even at that tender age I was a bit of a control freak and the number ones caught my attention. Why not start at the beginning? Of course that was a time when number ones really were beginnings and not marketing stunts, but I digress. They were 75 cents apiece. Just under my 3 dollar a week allowance. I think I spent the extra 75 cents on Swedish fish at the corner pharmacy. (Wow I feel old).

Loved Hawkeye ever since. Kinda strange that Thor became my favorite as that was one of only two issues not done by Unca Walt in that era. But it was such a cool issue. Old West Thor. Then I went back. After a couple months she let me ride my bike, alone, over to the comic book shop. So it was Thor, X-Factor and West Coast Avengers. And I couldn't be happier.

Eventually I got my allowance bumped up (or maybe I shoveled some neighbor driveways) and had enough to buy back issues. Mom was kind enough to drive me to adjacent towns to hunt down back issues of Thor. I had to know why Hela cursed him!!!

So, those are my early Marvel memories. From someone born in 1975. Younger and Older please weigh in.

I was 12 years old and I took my allowance to the corner store to buy some candy, and while I was there I thumbed through some comics on a spin-rack. One of them was Amazing Spider-man #238, which introduced the mystery of the Hobgoblin. I was vaguely aware of the Green Goblin and the death of Gwen Stacy from comics my parents bought for my older brother when I was five or six, but Marvel didn't really grab me then. But the feeling of getting in on the ground floor of a cool new villain (who seemed like he could be the ultimate SM villain) was too tempting. So I started picking up PPTSSM, where I was amazed to see that Dr. Octopus and the Owl were in the middle of a war, with Spider-man and the Black Cat caught in the middle (and the Black Cat was gravely injured). I started picking up back issues to find out who the Black Cat was.

Eventually Spider-man was considering joining the Avengers. I bought a few Avengers issues, and was entranced by Vision and the Scarlet Witch's mini. Avengers crossed over with FF (the Annihilus barrier issues), and I was hooked on both. I found the great two-part Thanos story from MTU and M2in1. And I found Avengers Annual #10, which hooked me on Rogue. When she joined the X-Men I started picking up that title, and collected it all the way back to Giant Size X-Men #1. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the writing and the inter-connectivity of this amazing shared universe.

Somewhere around 1992 I gave up on Marvel. When Vertigo's Sandman ended I gave up on comics altogether - money was tight, I had moved into my own place, and it wasn't a priority. Then along came JLA-Avengers, and I was hooked again.

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