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Subj: SECRET WARS #3: The plot thickens...
Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 at 04:05:40 pm EDT (Viewed 976 times)
Reply Subj: Now that I understand Secret Wars...I am enjoying the tie ins...but one thing is bothering me...
Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 at 03:24:02 pm EDT (Viewed 495 times)

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***Thanos...the more I think about it. How was he not as curious about the incursions as Doom was? How was he NOT out there looking for answers or for that matter...power to stop it or put himself in DOOMS position? Him going out there killing worlds physically for enjoyment almost seems below him in hindsight. I see where Doom is and then I see where Thanos is and I can't help but think that the roles should be reversed, or at the very least Doom and Thanos should have stumbled across each other in the search for how to stop the incursions/Beyonders and been emperor GODS together...just a thought.

what if doctor doom took over the world...

Secret Wars 003


-good art EXCEPT possibly the concept behind and/or the visual direction and/or editorial decision to Doom's NEW NO NOSE face. Processing it. Ultimately it will depend on the origin details of it.
-appaaarently the 'saved' citizens of Battleworld, 'copy characters', are indeed the actaul original bodies of the various incarnations in the various timelines but... adjusted in such a way to forget their original pasts and fully... embody their new pasts - since Strange worried that some may remember. No one has apparently. It make you wonder exactly when DoomGod's Concubine Sue and DoomGod's Beloved Val came from - was it from 0-hr incursion or earlier? Also makes the Old Man Logan one of the most interesting of the 'copy characters' revealed so far, to root for, to organically get readers answers. Although, intriguing enough and one reason to HOPE that THIS Sue is NOT 0-hr incursion Sue is how SAD it is the (ludicrous DysonStar-wannabe) fate she subjected her brother to.
-VERY ironic to note with the SONY vs FOX conflict that allegedly rewrote the FF out of the new Marvel Universe poster that the FF family and foes are in obvious ways orchestrating things.
-it appears to me for undisclosed reasons, Beyonders were addressing Big Jim McBob and Billy Sol Hurok oom and Dr.Strange when they BLEW EVERYTHING UP REAL GOOD and were probably the directing force for the patchwork Battleworld. They may or may not have gotten input from the two but they did give them a choice of who would rule the world as God Emperor. Strange declined and Doom probably grabbed the chance.
-Strange continues to suck as a person with this ongoing presentation as non-villain or detached-hero or Master of the Muckingabout Arts or whatever label you give him.
-the statue of Owen Reece may be the real guy and the coporeal matter could be a linchpin of the whole kit and kaboodle that is Battleworld.
-hard to recall the logic of how Miles, alone, got onto the Cabal Life Ship but not enough to reread that sequence ATM.
-really the ONLY characters to care about in all these crossovers, ATM, are the NOW KNOWN survivors confirmed:
EVERYBODY SEEN FROM REED'S ILLUMINATI LIFE SHIP (although only BLACK PANTHER is shown of the Illuminati that were on board in #0 - not going to reread that sequence ATM so feel free to cite who was there to remind us)

Okay, credit where it's do, this horribly beastly Event finally got a kinda sorta abit of meat to it. In spite of logic flaws and/or unrevealed truths. The post-SW teasers are still VERY VERY worrisome though.

I miss Dad and Dan.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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