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Subj: Re: Captain Marvel #4...
Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 at 03:37:25 pm EDT (Viewed 232 times)
Reply Subj: Captain Marvel #4...
Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 at 11:26:13 am EDT (Viewed 280 times)

    • Good cover.
    • Easier to navigate/read space battle.
    • So, it seems that 2 nitpickingly unidentified officers, on the first page, are detailing the sitch to Carol. Carol would not answer by calling somebody "SIR". And none of the boxes are green trim to indicate it's Brand. Oddly only it appears as Brand and 1 officer(Wendy?) is on bridge with her and 3 remote guest stars.

The opening captions are between Carol (red edge with blue outline) and Coulson (blue edge with black outline).

    • So, AFSS is just a module addition to some existing Satellite Station? Confusing. It would be neat if it is revealed that the Canadian Gov't is primary funding.

Dunno. And what then of the end of Secret Wars establishing the Alpha Flight station as Wakandan.

    • Are the SATORI aliens new to this book?

Yes. I wonder if their name choice has anything to do with satori, the Japanese word for "understanding." It's a term in Zen that means "to see one's true self."

Or is the name from the Latin sator, meaning founder, progenitor.

    • Shared universe props to bringing in Coulson, Panther, and Rocket. Well maybe not Rocket as his team's inclusion, and 2 ETA, is problematic gimmickry.

Eh, well the GotG are established friends.

    • Hmm, guess the Ultimates is the publically acceptable version of the Old Illuminati - Panther passed being such a stickler about secrecy but he seems to be okay to represent Wakanda on this high profile team. This sort of meshes with the current BP title pushing that Wakanda enter more into the public eye.

No, the Ultimates are nothing like Illuminati. More like the Avengers with a Fantastic Four mission statement.

    • Carol and Brand seem spot-on. Engaging dialogue.
    • Is Wendy the sabateur? Probably unconsciously? Who else could it be at this point? "Aurora"?

I certainly hope it's not wendy, since they've already ruled her out. Aurora doesn't make sense. Implications seem to be it was one of the crew that evac'd.

    • Not sure about the logic to relaunch the same type of David v Goliath attack plan that failed a few pages earlier. And where is the help from Earth? Blue Marvel and SPectrum should be right there! And is this before or after A-Force forming last week?

Pretty sure this is still before. This is still Carol's first few days on the job.

    • Plot device: Huh, aliens can master cross galaxy travel but they don't know Hala is in ruins.

Just because Hala is in ruins doesn't mean Kree are. I really don't understand why writers continue to think this way. Destroying the home planet of any galactic empire should be as significant as destroying DC would be to the US. Sure, it would cause some chaos, but there's still 350 million of us Americans.

These aliens just seem to think Earth is part of the Kree Empire, which seems logical.

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