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Subj: Re: Marvel cancels Black Panther and the Crew after 2 issues.
Posted: Fri May 19, 2017 at 03:17:31 pm EDT (Viewed 166 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Marvel cancels Black Panther and the Crew after 2 issues.
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      I don't think that's entirely fair. We already knew her father was American.

    Yes but her parents were dead so they were out of the picture in my opinion. It's not like she swore on their graves to avenge them. They were alive one day and dead the next by the vagaries of fate - and the nihilism this could have inspired in Ororo never manifested as far as I know. She just moved on and did her best to survive on her own.

I guess as comic book fans we're expected not to ask questions about our heroes like that. But personally I've always wanted to know little things about their families like who Spider-Man's grandparents are or if Captain America had siblings or if Wolverine had bastard children.

I don't enjoy comic book relations like Kaine being Spider-Man's brother because of cloning, Wonder Man and Vision being brothers because of brain engrams or Rachel Summers demanding the alternate timeline versions of her parents pay attention to her or Arno and Tony Stark somehow being brothers even though they share no blood and weren't raised together. But I enjoy when we learn about legitimate blood relatives. Like for example I LOVED the Zemo Born Better limited series that mapped out every one of the 13 Baron Zemos in the family line. I like when we learn about the characters real family members.


      That part of her family history was unknown to her. To me it made sense to explore that even if it was only briefly. It wasn't like when they changed Tony Stark into being adopted. They just explored a part of Ororo's family that had never been explored.

    I guess that's a story worth telling. I can see how she as a person would care about that. But I as a reader had no interest in it because nothing that came out of that story would illuminate Storm as a character. Egypt and the jungles of Africa formed her. Harlem didn't. It would be like telling the story of Tarzan's forebears. Sure, Tarzan would be interested in tales of the Greystokes - but I as a reader wouldn't be. Nor would I as a reader be interested in tales of Krypton - though of course Kal-El as a person would be very interested. (However, I will grant you that there are definitely people who, in the Silver Age, wanted to read tales of Krypton. So I know my perspective isn't universal by any means.)

Speaking of I think there were/are plans for a tv show about Clark's ancestors on Krypton.