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Subj: Re: Marvel Legacy #1 Sept 25th promises to....
Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 at 11:11:59 am EDT (Viewed 355 times)
Reply Subj: Marvel Legacy #1 Sept 25th promises to....
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herald on the last page the return of a "Marvel Icon" that will "break the internet".

So let the speculation begin.

I figure it is either:


2. Captain Mar-Vell yes the upcoming movie is the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel, however Marvel is all about Legacy stating that classic heroes return but NOT at the expense of the new versions....meaning they think there is room for them all.

Thus going by that logic, there is room for both Carol Danvers AND Captain Mar-Vell.

This however presumes that Marvel has finally gotten the backbone to permanently revive Mar-Vell instead of brief/fake revivals.

Also is Mar-Vell an icon? I say yes. Once upon a time, in his first life THANOS had obtained a cosmic cube and used it to merge with the universe thus becoming one with it and thus basically God. Who was it that divined his weakness and stopped him? Captain Mar-Vell

There are some that do not know or remember that Mar-Vell was the first one to stop the Mad Titan, that role would later go to Adam Warlock and then Drax the Destroyer.

Also given how long Marv has been dead and given HOW he died, yes his return could send some serious shockwaves through the internet.

But it will more likely be THOR that returns. However I don't see his return as internet breaking but something that is simply expected and LONG OVERDUE.

I hope it isn't Mar-Vell.

They have played with fans of his legacy for years.
I love the character and always will. Ive got my CM 25-33 and would never part with them.
I think he is better remembered as a true heroic icon. Not to mention the greatest story he was ever in was the touching story of his death.