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Yes but what other marvel icon coming back would break the internet like they are saying?

THOR? We know he's getting the hammer back, his return is overdue and not web breaking.

Adult Jean Grey/Phoenix? Meh. How many times has she died and returned?

Original Human Torch? Last I checked he is still functional and semi retired as marvel just cant figure what to do with him.

TORO? not internet breaking at all and not dead last I checked.

The Golden Age Vision? not dead, just in comic book limbo until they do another anniversary event with the golden age characters again.

Richard Ryder? he's back as I recall

Adam Warlock? he's not dead at present

Spirit of 76/Patriot/50's Cap? Not web breaking at all.

Tony Stark? Meh, we know he's coming back already, hardly web breaking

UATU the Watcher? hmmm....not quite web breaking but would be a nice return.

Original Nick Fury? with all the Social Justice Warrior garbage and that Marvel wants to keep some characters linked up with the movies, I can't see them restoring him from the Sam jackson version that is running around. Though his return would stir up things up a bit.

Mar-Vell still would seem to be the "internet breaker", but again Marvel doesn't have the guts to bring him back.

...uncle ben