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Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 at 03:26:11 pm EDT (Viewed 294 times)
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    Best telepath/telekine around and matriarch of the X-Men. Storm comes close in the latter, but not even really to Jean's extent.

Yeah, I guess Emma could never fill that niche, though it sometimes seemed as though she was trying, her stripper outfit and harsh comments notwithstanding. She was trying to fill Jean's shoes - but just didn't have the emotional capacity for it. Hmm - all of a sudden I find myself wishing for the White Queen and Moonstone to become a duo.

Storm is another X-Man who could have been developed into Marvel's premiere female character - but wasn't.

    Scott only ever hindered her, frankly.

    I'd say the Professor being dead would help her more than anything. His existence tended to overshadow her. However...

    Xavier seems to be coming back too.

I'm sorry to hear that Professor X is coming back. I really don't believe Marvel has any idea what to do with him. I wish Marvel could be counted on to really try new things instead of just pretending to.

Adult Jean Grey with no Scott and no Professor X would be well positioned to step forward as Marvel's archetypal woman hero, on a par with DC's Wonder Woman.

But of course that won't happen. She'll become the Phoenix. Again. And die. Again.