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Subj: Re: Sorry Guys, But Marvel Is NOT Ruining Your Favorite Characters, Or Any Characters.
Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 at 11:22:33 pm EDT (Viewed 383 times)
Reply Subj: Sorry Guys, But Marvel Is NOT Ruining Your Favorite Characters, Or Any Characters.
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I feel that this post is appropriate given some of the posts that I read below about Marvel "Ruining." their characters, and I feel that people are going overboard. Either that, or they don't understand the nature of superhero comics. Remember when people thought that Hal Jordan was ruined? Well, after some time they brought him back and blamed it on him being controlled. Remember when people thought that Magneto was ruined during Grant Morrison's Planet X arc? That wasn't really him, that was an imposter (How did he survive being decapitated, by the way?). Scarlet Witch after Disassembled and House Of M? That was all Doctor Doom's fault. Remember Teen Tony? Cassandra Cain? The list goes on. It sounds like people just don't like the current direction or stories, but to say that the characters are ruined is just laughable (And wrong.). Any of these changes can (And will at some point.) be reversed, retconned or undone. Comics are cyclical. Logan and The Hulk are dead? They can come back. Characters have been getting killed and replaced since, when, the 70's? Everything will go back to the status quo (Because it is god.) after some time. But very few characters can actually count or qualify as being ruined. Okay, other than Gwen Stacy if Sins Past still counts. THAT I can't see being washed away, but just never mention it again. I also don't understand Hawkman or Cable, or a few other X-characters. But this is just how ongoing serial superhero fiction works.

Okay first not to sound like the grammar police but please don't post as one long running paragraph/sentence, its hard to read at times.

Also yes these are cycles that DC and Marvel do to the characters.

The problem is that when the classic character is ruined/trashed/killed/replaced, the story that does it is usually a hack writing with plot holes that never get explained and also do not seem to leave an "out" or "escape clause" to get the character back.

When Hal went bonkers and wrecked the GLC and apparently killed almost all the Guardians and Sinestro and Kilowog, the biggest plot contrivance was that the Guardians couldn't simply DEACTIVATE the rings that Hal was using, something that the Guardians have always been capable of previously and since their return in GL: Rebirth. Instead they seemed to have some unexplained plan that involved Ganthet as the last Guardian and somehow seemed to bank on being regenerated at some future point in time into younger forms which was done by Kyle.

However there was no "out" for Hal at the time, he was turned into a Magneto wannabe and later "killed" and brought back as the Spectre and left for Geoff Johns to repair. Nice repair job, too. \:\)

TOny Stark: he dies, Teen Tony takes over as Iron Boy, perishes and is restored as Adult Tony in Heroes Reborn/Return. Instead of dealing with the answers right away when Iron Man relaunched at Marvel, we had to wait for a back story in an Avengers annual that basically used Deus Ex Machina writing to bring him back. Then years later he is "inverted" and turns "superior" only to be killed just as Secret Wars started and then he is again Deus Ex machina restored. Sloppy.

What has been done to THOR is just bad, pure and simple. he now believes he is unworthy and always was unworthy, thus he IS unworthy in the eyes of Mjolnir. Plus the hammer is now retconned as containing some type of "cosmic storm"????

So THOR goes berzerk in his first fight without the hammer, gets literally DISARMED and has an uru prosthetic arm now.

Plus THOR instead of truly trying to get the hammer back has basically given up and wants to be drunk all the time.


They should have had THOR disappear and be presumed dead, even ODIN and Heimdall cannot locate him. Jane still claims the hammer and becomes fake-THOR/She-Ra for the duration.

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