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Reply Subj: Sorry Guys, But Marvel Is NOT Ruining Your Favorite Characters, Or Any Characters.
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I feel that this post is appropriate given some of the posts that I read below about Marvel "Ruining." their characters, and I feel that people are going overboard. Either that, or they don't understand the nature of superhero comics. Remember when people thought that Hal Jordan was ruined? Well, after some time they brought him back and blamed it on him being controlled. Remember when people thought that Magneto was ruined during Grant Morrison's Planet X arc? That wasn't really him, that was an imposter (How did he survive being decapitated, by the way?). Scarlet Witch after Disassembled and House Of M? That was all Doctor Doom's fault. Remember Teen Tony? Cassandra Cain? The list goes on. It sounds like people just don't like the current direction or stories, but to say that the characters are ruined is just laughable (And wrong.). Any of these changes can (And will at some point.) be reversed, retconned or undone. Comics are cyclical. Logan and The Hulk are dead? They can come back. Characters have been getting killed and replaced since, when, the 70's? Everything will go back to the status quo (Because it is god.) after some time. But very few characters can actually count or qualify as being ruined. Okay, other than Gwen Stacy if Sins Past still counts. THAT I can't see being washed away, but just never mention it again. I also don't understand Hawkman or Cable, or a few other X-characters. But this is just how ongoing serial superhero fiction works.

I disagree.

Firstly because its impossible to escape the fact that these changes are agenda driven rather than story driven.

Secondly because all of my favourite characters have been marginalised in someway, and until that changes they ARE ruined.

Finally because what they have been replaced with for the most part pales in comparison.

I'm dropping books left, right and centre, and thats got nothing to do with the fact that my favourites have been replaced - because I count numerous replacement heroes including John Walker, Jim Rhodes, Eric Masterson, and Carlos Cruz amongst my very favourite heroes of all time

Firstly its because the originals werent turned into villains, or killed off, or disgraced when those replacements were brought in as an effort to legitimise the characters talking over from them.

Secondly its because stories like 'The Captain', 'Demon in a bottle', 'War Machine', 'Countdown' etc were excellent stories that made the change appear entirely organic.

Finally its because what they have been replaced with is for the most part incredibly dull.

Legacy is giving me the opportunity to jump off an additional half a dozen titles, because I'm sick of letting myself down paying for sub-par material filled with political grandstanding and more interested in trying to appease the mainstream media with how cool, hip, and diverse it is, than just telling a solid story.

The main difference too is that whilst I think it was always accepted that those earlier heroes were going to be temporary replacements, theres no doubt that these new heroes are here to stay, and no matter who they are the core concept of Cap, Ironman, spidey, Wolverine etc are all made ridiculous and diluted by having half a dozen people running around claiming the name at the same time.

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