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    I disagree.

    Firstly because its impossible to escape the fact that these changes are agenda driven rather than story driven.

    Secondly because all of my favourite characters have been marginalised in someway, and until that changes they ARE ruined.

    Finally because what they have been replaced with for the most part pales in comparison.

    I'm dropping books left, right and centre, and thats got nothing to do with the fact that my favourites have been replaced - because I count numerous replacement heroes including John Walker, Jim Rhodes, Eric Masterson, and Carlos Cruz amongst my very favourite heroes of all time

Jim Rhodes and even Sam Wilson seemed organic and it made sense that they would take on the mantles they did. But now it just seems like new characters are created just to assume a mantle before getting the audience to really like them. (and before anyone cites him as an example I hated Genis even though he predates the current trend)

    Firstly its because the originals werent turned into villains, or killed off, or disgraced when those replacements were brought in as an effort to legitimise the characters talking over from them.

    Secondly its because stories like 'The Captain', 'Demon in a bottle', 'War Machine', 'Countdown' etc were excellent stories that made the change appear entirely organic.

    Finally its because what they have been replaced with is for the most part incredibly dull.

    Legacy is giving me the opportunity to jump off an additional half a dozen titles, because I'm sick of letting myself down paying for sub-par material filled with political grandstanding and more interested in trying to appease the mainstream media with how cool, hip, and diverse it is, than just telling a solid story.

It's the perfect jumping off point.

    The main difference too is that whilst I think it was always accepted that those earlier heroes were going to be temporary replacements, theres no doubt that these new heroes are here to stay, and no matter who they are the core concept of Cap, Ironman, spidey, Wolverine etc are all made ridiculous and diluted by having half a dozen people running around claiming the name at the same time.

Yeah the Secret Empire finale seemed to double down on the idea that the sucky replacements were here to stay and the old Marvel is dead. I mean good god they made Cap into a quasi-Nazi and didn't even have the decency to retcon it away.

By all means create all the minority characters you want...but don't put the established characters on the shelf in favor of these new guys. It just generates resentment.

I was always behind the idea of Sam taking over as Cap for a whileif there had to be a replacement. He was the best candidate in 1986 when they gave Walker the job (although that story required a person ideologically opposed to Rogers), and he was still the best candidate twenty years later when they gave it to Bucky.

Likewise I consider Jane Foster getting a run as Thor as being entirely organis and making sense.

The likes of Riri Williams and Amadeus Cho though - no.

I could probably get behind all of these changes though if it wasnt for the fact that Marvel have made it quite clear that the lime light will have to be shared by three Caps, six Wolverines, and god knows how many Hulks (theyve just announced an ongoing for Weapon H).

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