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    What has been done to THOR is just bad, pure and simple. he now believes he is unworthy and always was unworthy, thus he IS unworthy in the eyes of Mjolnir.

Oh wow! Marvel finally explained (after decades) what "worthiness" is and I missed it? Curses.

So you're worthy if you believe you are? Could Stan and Jack's Von Doom have wielded Mjolnir under these rules? He certainly considered himself worthy!

    Plus the hammer is now retconned as containing some type of "cosmic storm"????

That doesn't bother me. The hammer back in the 60s had a variety of abilities we don't see any more. It's a vessel of Odin's power. It ought to do a lot more than just hit or blast stuff.

    So THOR goes berzerk in his first fight without the hammer, gets literally DISARMED and has an uru prosthetic arm now.

(SPOILERS - Marvel Legacy #1)

(SPOILERS - Marvel Legacy #1)

(SPOILERS - Marvel Legacy #1)

Oh - so that's why Thor made mention of some sort of "Uru beat down" (paraphase) he was about to lay down on some Asgardian bar patrons. I wondered about that.

    Plus THOR instead of truly trying to get the hammer back has basically given up and wants to be drunk all the time.


Yes - that part is ridiculous. But Stan and Jack's Thor has been dead since Jurgens killed him and JMS brought back an impostor. Hey! Maybe Marvel will actually acknowledge that this unworthy version truly is an impostor! Fat chance, I know, but I can dream...

    They should have had THOR disappear and be presumed dead, even ODIN and Heimdall cannot locate him. Jane still claims the hammer and becomes fake-THOR/She-Ra for the duration.

Presumably the unworthy/worthy dichotomy was to make us think the gig could be permanent. Of course none of us thought that or ever will think that because we know the status quo is mostly God.

The foregoing notwithstanding, I am perfectly OK with Jane remaining an Asgardian warrior woman after the Odinson takes back his hammer. I personally think the whole plot line was crazily implausible because Stan and Jack depicted Jane as a timid little rabbit, but all of that is water under the bridge now. This unexpected Jane with her nigh-Shakespearean speech pattern and her predilection for smiting is a cool character and I'd like to see her stick around. I just don't ever again want to see her have a fair fight against Odin.

I suspect that worthiness to wield Mjolnir goes beyond simple belief.

Mjolnir somehow has always judged whoever touches it and if one is worthy they instantly feel the power as they lift the hammer.

But what does make one worthy?

Killing clearly isn't a big problem for Mjolnir as the REAL THOR has slain many an enemy of Asgard before he finally claimed the hammer. THOR in his pre-Earth exile days did revel in combat and Mjolnir didn't seem to mind because THOR at his core is a good and noble soul, even if he has forgotten it.

However while THOR defends Earth, Asgard and the cosmos and has killed, and enjoys combat, he does not get his jollies out of killing. Many enemies of the Avengers have not quite faced the full fury of the God of Thunder as THOR tries to honor his friends with a no killing rule.

But let's look at Wolverine, Sabertooth and the Punisher. All three of them enjoy killing just a bit too much. WOlverine has a code and he can turn off the killer in him, but Sabertooth and especially Frank Castle can't turn it off, it is who and what they are. imagine the damage any of those 3 could do if they wielded Mjolnir

The HULK: okay, Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk is a MENTAL CASE. He has enough personalities in his head and enough abuse and daddy issues to make any psychiatrist rich for life, now factor in that the Hulk is the mightiest mortal on Earth. Mjolnir likely thinks that it would be a case of TOO MUCH power in the wrong hands. The power of the Hulk combined with the power of Mjolnir......he could go from World Breaker to Galaxy Breaker

Steve Rogers, the original true Captain America. I always agreed with him being worthy from when he first picked up the hammer when he was The Captain, to now when he picked it up and smashed Stevil. Steve Rogers has always stayed true to his values, defend the innocent and helpless and serve as a leader and inspiration to others. Yes he has some blood on his hands from WW2 and from when he killed and Ultimatum Soldier, but for him killing is the final resort and even then he doesn't want to have to kill. He could have killed Stevil but didn't (mistake!), how many times could he have killed the Red Skull but didn't?

Dargo K'tor, remember him? the future THOR? His attitude was that they didn't need a hammer to fight the corporate oppressors, they had to stand up for themselves. He also wasn't a boaster or braggart like others that tried to lift the hammer and failed, he wasn't into power. The attack comes and instinctively he reaches for something to defend with and grabs the hammer. As soon as he touched it, the hammer instantly transformed him into future THOR.

Beta Ray Bill: he endured many trials and sacrifices to become the cyborg warrior to protect his people as they searched for a new planet to live on. All he wanted was to protect his people from extinction. Mjolnir clearly agreed with that sentiment.

Superman: in the JLA/Avengers crossover, for the final fight Superman has Cap's shield and THOR tosses him the hammer to wield. Superman could feel the power of Mjolnir in addition to his own. After the fight, Superman went to get the hammer for THOR and couldn't lift it. THOR told him that in times of extreme crisis the worthiness clause can be temporarily switched off or some such and assured him that the hammer was indeed in good hands for the final fight. So why did Mjolnir refuse Superman after the fight? Similar to the HULK it would be a case of TOO MUCH POWER.

Spider-man: he made a deal with the devil. UNWORTHY! UNWORTHY FOREVER I SAY!!!!!!

Captain Mar-Vell: in his pre-protector of the universe days I'd say the hammer would likely refuse him. But after becoming the protector of the universe and his altered attitude and thinking, the hammer would probably judge him worthy.

Tony Stark: has been corrupted and controlled too easily in the past. unworthy. Granted Excalibur did choose him to wield it but the other choice was Dr. Doom so Stark in that case is the lesser evil.

Robots and Automatons and Androids not being truly "alive" as far as Odin is concerned, have always been able to lift the hammer but never receive its power. examples would be The Destroyer, the Air-walker robot and the Vision in the second Avengers movie. The original Android Human Torch should also be able to pick up the hammer but not receive its power.

To me the hammer has always read the intentions and the soul of those that try to wield to it and judges many to be unworthy.

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