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Subj: Some notable Sub-Saharan Africans I'd love to see.
Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 at 11:44:23 am EST (Viewed 165 times)
Reply Subj: Re: On the topic of diversity, I think that DC have always been (a bit) better than Marvel except the X-Books
Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 at 10:46:05 am EST (Viewed 151 times)

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    From the point of view of an European, I think that DC tend to create universal heroes whereas Marvel tend to create US-centric heroes (except the mutant characters).

As an American I would have to agree with that assessment.

    For example, Superman & Batman are universal characters, whereas Captain America & Spider-Man are American characters (but are still very popular around the world).

    Marvel Comics have always been centered on the USA, and even more on the East Coast of the USA, and even more on New York.

    Superman & Batman are in fictitious cities (Metropolis & Gotham). On the contrary, Spider-Man is the friendly neighbourhood hero of NY.

    It may explain why, many times, when Marvel try to include diversity, it is clunky, heavy-handed, goofy, etc. because it mirrors the stereotypes that a local guy might believe about foreigners/different people.

    For example, my own country, France in Marvel comics.

    Who's the most famous French character in Marvel comics ?
    Batroc the Leaper ...

The only other two I can think of are your namesake and Peregrine. And as I understand it Peregrine is not even a french word.

I think there is a British corner of the Marvel Universe thanks to Excalibur and the Marvel UK stuff but the rest of Europe is really an untapped resource. And Marvel characters rarely go to Africa except to go to Wakanda. Same for South one in Marvel goes there except to made up countries. Every now and then people will go to China, Japan or Vietnam but that's about it in Asia.

I think the decision to create all these fictional countries has sort of left the comic versions of the real countries rather underdeveloped. Like what goes on in Belgium in the Marvel universe? I don't think I've ever seen a Marvel story in Belgium except maybe an Invaders related story set in WW2.

    Who are the most prominent French characters in DC comics ?
    Henri Ducard
    Mademoiselle Marie

And the only one I knew of was Ducard...

    But let's be honest. I am very severe. There are important exceptions. The main one is the X-verse. Since 1975, the X-books have been about diversity and are about mankind as a whole.

Yeah but your point is valid. Outside of the X-books you don't see a lot of attention paid to non American characters. I mentioned somewhere else in the thread how diverse the New Warriors are...ethnically they are but almost everyone I can think of is still an American. (Tai was Cambodian I guess but she doesn't count)

    Also, characters such as the Black Panther are important and they are Marvel characters. So, of course, what I am saying is far from totally true.

It would be nice to have an African character from a real country in Africa. I mean even Storm was born in America.

DC has that Batwing guy from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    And, of course, the MCU films are a success everywhere in the world.

    Still, I think that Marvel Comics have never been subtle on the topic of diversity or, at least, as subtle as the distinguished competition.

    It may explain why there have been so many heated discussions & reactions these last years about the new characters.

    By the way, I like a lot Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. I think that Carol being Captain Marvel is legitimate (and it should have happened decades ago ! She is the 3rd female Captain Marvel, not the 1st !).

    But should Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel be included in a topic about diversity ?

    I don't think so. She is an extremely beautiful blonde woman who looks like a young Jean Harlow, Charlize Theron, Robin Wright, Heather Graham, Naomi Watts or Cate Blanchett.

    In other words, the classic archetype of feminine beauty canon in the fairytales of westerners (and which came from the Anglo-Saxons, Franks & Norsemen) !

She does look like the Aryan ideal...

    Only Marvel could have the nerve to sell Carol Danvers as a shining example of diversity ! Lol !!! \:\-D

    Also, I think that killing James Rhodes was a huge mistake.
    He should come back, as soon as possible.

Askari the Spear - Zanzibar's president is a mutant with Harpoon-like energy blasts

Lightbright - horrible name, but Somali mutant part of Wild Pack at times.

Oya (Idie Kwonkwo) - X-Men student is Nigerian. And she's often been a bone of contention for me, because she's been portrayed as far too Westerized and far too sexualized.

Moses Magnum - Ethiopian

But yes, we need more. Many, many more.

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