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Subj: Re: On the topic of diversity, I think that DC have always been (a bit) better than Marvel except the X-Books
Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 at 08:32:29 am EST (Viewed 102 times)
Reply Subj: Re: On the topic of diversity, I think that DC have always been (a bit) better than Marvel except the X-Books
Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 at 10:46:05 am EST (Viewed 121 times)

    As an American I would have to agree with that assessment.

Thanks \:\-\)
It was not a criticism of Marvel (I love their characters), more like an ascertainment.

    The only other two I can think of are your namesake and Peregrine. And as I understand it Peregrine is not even a french word.

Yes, "Peregrine Falcon" is translated "Faucon Pèlerin" in French.
To make things ever more convoluted :
- "Peregrine" can also be translated "Pérégrin" (but not for the bird).
- "Pilgrim" can also be translated "Pèlerin".

I think that the mistake comes from the Contest of Champions, the first appearance of the character.

Alain Racine tries to speak in English to the Thing & Wolverine and mixes the two languages.

(NB : you'll notice that Marvel managed to include the word "frog" in the dialogs of the very first appearance of a French superhero and it is said by Wolverine himself ...)

In French, it would have been :
"Oui ! Dans mon pays natal, on m'appelle ... le Faucon Pèlerin !
Le champion ailé de la vérité, de la justice et du drapeau de la France"

Although, it sounds a bit pompous. I would have probably said, instead :
"Oui ! Dans mon pays natal, on m'appelle ... le Faucon Pèlerin !
Justicier de la République Française et défenseur de ses valeurs (liberté, égalité, fraternité)"
(still a bit pompous but it sounds better)

The choice of a bird wasn't a bad idea : The eagle was the symbol of Napoleon's Empire. The Gallic rooster is a symbol of the French Republic. The hawk is the symbol of the French Air Force. The jets of one of the French aircraft manufacturers are indeed named Falcons.
(NB : in real life, the peregrine is the national symbol of the U.A.E., actually)

For the costume, I prefer a bird of prey to a rooster, anytime. (^_^')

I suppose that, among birds, they chose the peregrine because Alain Racine was supposed to fight Angel and, thus, the play on words with religious pilgrimage was tempting (Angel > Pilgrim).

The character isn't bad. I just wish Marvel would call him Faucon Pèlerin in the books (or Faucon Pelerin if the "è" can't be used).

    I think there is a British corner of the Marvel Universe thanks to Excalibur and the Marvel UK stuff but the rest of Europe is really an untapped resource.

Indeed, Marvel UK and the British writers & pencillers were important to the development of the British characters.

    I think the decision to create all these fictional countries has sort of left the comic versions of the real countries rather underdeveloped.

IMO, the fictional country is also a convenient way to prevent negative comments about a real country (and thus bad buzz ...). (^_^')

    Like what goes on in Belgium in the Marvel universe? I don't think I've ever seen a Marvel story in Belgium except maybe an Invaders related story set in WW2.

Neither do I.
Apparently, there were 1 or 2 recent stories set in Belgium ...

    And the only one I knew of was Ducard...

The others are not well-known but they are interesting.
As you can see, they were honest attempts at developing true characters and not just walking stereotypes.

    It would be nice to have an African character from a real country in Africa. I mean even Storm was born in America.

    DC has that Batwing guy from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Especially since the birth of a beacon of hope & justice is more interesting in Africa than in Western Europe.
Also, in comics, heroes are often metahuman orphans with a tragic past. And at least, there should be hundreds of mutants in Africa.
Thus, according to the logic of comics, there should be thousands of heroes in Africa.

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