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Subj: Re: On the topic of diversity, I think that DC have always been (a bit) better than Marvel except the X-Books
Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 at 09:03:15 am EST (Viewed 107 times)
Reply Subj: Re: On the topic of diversity, I think that DC have always been (a bit) better than Marvel except the X-Books
Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 at 11:29:35 am EST (Viewed 143 times)

    "Diversity" isn't just about ethnicity. Gender applies, as well. If it's not straight, white, fully able, Christian, and male, it's part of the diversity hodge-podge. All female characters count.

Of course, you've got a point.

I was just thinking that the choice of her character as the new banner of diversity in comics is far from the best choice that they could have made.

Since Ms. Marvel #1 (and probably even before), Carol Danvers has always been about female empowerment & equality of rights. But it is a perfect example of what I was saying (Marvel Comics being clunky, heavy-handed, goofy, ... when they are trying to talk about diversity).

Carol Danvers was empowered by ... Captain Mar-Vell, a man (well, a male Kree anyway) and even her first alias, Ms. Marvel, is a derivative of said man's name.

Her first costumes were, hmmm. ... surprising.

And, well, she is a classic blonde beauty on top of that.

I think that she should keep the Captain Marvel alias and not go back to Ms. Marvel, Warbird, Binary ... because she has totally the right to use the name.

I also like that she might be one of Earth's mightiest heroes. I think that it has been true since the Brood experimented on her.

It is also fun that Marvel Comics are trying to make her the "DC character" of the Marvel Universe.

After all, her background is close to Wonder Woman, Shazam's Captain Marvel & Mary Marvel, Superman & Supergirl, the Green Lantern Corps , Silver Age Hawkman & Hawkgirl and Adam Strange.

Marvel already tried to do the same trick multiple times with Marvel Boy (Atlas), Captain Mar-Vell (Silver Age), Hyperion & Nova (Bronze Age), Sentry, Blue Marvel & Miracleman (Modern Age) but, somehow, I have the feeling that it works even better with Carol Danvers (2010s).

For example, Sentry & Blue Marvel are way too powerful for the Marvel Universe.

Carol Danvers even has her own version of Lex Luthor (Grace Valentine).

In a way, she is Marvel's ultimate recycled character and she mirrors the evolution of Marvel Comics since the Silver Age (it is one of the reasons that she is fun).

But I think that Marvel should focus on other characters if they want more diversity in comics.

I wish that they would create a NEW character and not clones of previous characters, if they want to include diversity in comics.

Unfortunately, diversity or not, in 2017, creating a new character that works isn't easy. There have been superhero comics for decades.

It may explain why they are so tempted to use old templates, instead.

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