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Subj: Re: Well, it was nice to have a diverse Marvel for a few years...too bad that's going to change
Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 at 08:28:34 am EST (Viewed 74 times)
Reply Subj: Well, it was nice to have a diverse Marvel for a few years...too bad that's going to change
Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 at 01:11:28 am EST (Viewed 268 times)

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Axel Alonso is gone. Bendis is gone. Both are big proponents of having diverse characters. Bendis sheparded Miles Morales and Jessica Jones. Axel Alonso sheparded Ms. Marvel, the new Captain Marvel, the Reyes Ghost Rider. Now they're gone and the guy who said that "Diversity doesn't sell" and who argued with Bendis and Alonso in public about it, is still there. Oh yeah, and they hire Ron Richards, a serial abuser and harasser in a VP role. And with CB Cebulski coming in as EIC who wants to bring back old 1980s Marvel, with no real just strikes me as Marvel hustling to not reach out to new and different voices. Cebulski is an expendable part of Marvel...he's going to rely on marketing to tell him to edit comics. And the guy who said, "Diversity doesn't sell" is going to be throwing out interesting stuff for same old, same old.

Don't get me wrong, plenty of things to not like Axel Alonso and Bendis for: Secret Empire is top on my list of "WTF?" But this strikes me as "We are going to end up fridging and obscuring a lot of minorities and women soon."

Thank God Bendis is gone,
See, we already had diversity. Falcon, Black Panther, American Eagle, Goliath, Storm, Spectrum, War Machine, Thunderbird, Shang Chi, Blue Marvel, Luke Cage, Sunfire, Hiro and Baymax, Three D Man, Power Man, Josiah X, Patriot, Black Crow, Battlestar, Rage, Maxxam, Centennial, White Tiger, Nantam, Bandara, Living Lightning, Night Thrasher, Red Wolf, Shuri, Gentle, Warpath, Blade, Echo, Rocket Racer, Silhouette, Turbo, Jolt, Jubilee, Sunspot, Puma, Flat Iron, Rapunzel, Captain Forsa, Thunderbolt, Otomo, Moonstar, Excalibur, Dust, M, Talisman 1, Fream Guard, Shaman, Manifold, Arabian Knight, Golem, Sabra, Scarlet Scarab, Windshear, Go Go Tomago, Centurion, Dragon Lord, Prowler, Cloak, Lemon Cutey, Collective Man, Defensor, Door Man, Karma, Phastos, Kingo Sumen, Cybermancer, Topspin, Goldfire, Junta, Northstar, Casper Kole,Talisman 2, and how many have been killed off for shock value by the same writers promoting daid diversity? How many have carried there own titles previously only to be turned into eunuchs by those same writers? (Looking at you, Luke Cage.)
Is the point to appeal to gender fluids by having a teen black girl be Iron Man? A woman with breast cancer be Thor? (Thor is a proper name. It would be like replacing Eric Cartman with a girl and calling her Eric Cartman.) Must be trying to sell comics down at Susan G Komen, huh?
Yeah yeah, Bendis created Riri for his daughter. So what? I don't care about Bendis' kid anymore than he cares about mine. George Lucas created Jar Ja Binx for his daughter, and we all know how well THAT turned out!
This is all the evolution of the whiney emo kids who used to be on the old DC boards whining about "why can't Superman be gay?" and "shouldn't Wonder Woman be black?"
Look, Mile Morales is great. He actually augments Peter Parker, and fits in. Same between Nova Rich and Nova Sam. Cho, not so much. Nothing replaces the REAL Hulk. And Riri would be tolerable as Tony Stark's teen sidekick and Avengers Academy student. The Iceman thing is laughable. I'm holding the issues of X-Men when he fought with Havoc over Polaris, and the issue of Champions where he almost killed himself in space following Darkstar, with whom he was in love with. Still in canon, not retconned. Explain THAT.
Occupy Avengers was terrible. Red Wolf as an Avenger has been a long time coming, but he and Hawkeye, and the reformed Nightshade need to get back in their REAL costumes. These are SUPERHEROES after all, not move action heroes!
I dunno. Looks like Captain Marvel and She-Hulk have been turned into very mannish lesbians. Why? Again holding issues, still in canon, all that.
So, diversity is a red herring. These are just a crop of writers who don't want to write superheroes, which begs to ask "then WHY are you working at a comic book company?"
Bring back a solid Black Panther title with Priest writing it. Falcon in his own book is good, the new guy can be his boy sidekick Redwing. Bring back Power Man and Iron Fist, put Cage back in costume, lose the beard, grow the hair, and go back to being the loud guy who scares the pants off whitey. Oh and have him walk out on Jessica Jones. So good bye, no spousal support and no looking back. Bring back Tony and Rhodey and Xavier and Hank Pym and Bill Temple and Banner and the REAL Jean Grey as Phoenix. Restart Avengers Academy and pit Riri's alleged smarter than anybody against a returning Iron Lad with his future tech, without Bendis having everyone job for her.
Oh, and bring back the FF, and have Franklin Richards just fix all the damage Kobik did.

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