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Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 at 03:49:41 am EST (Viewed 192 times)
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    Isaac Christians : The Gargoyle, former Defender and latterly servant of Daimon Hellstrom. Does anyone here like him?

I've thought for years that Paul Duval in his stone form should look just like him (instead of a human head with a thin mustache and a domino mask).
I would have explained it by saying that Duval was testing a chemical with alchemical/mystical properties and that, in his stone form, he turns slowly but certainly in a true gargoyle.

    Where did he last appear to?

Good question. Like most horror characters (the exception being the current Spirits of Vengeance team), he tends to stay in comics limbo, except when he randomly makes a cameo once in a while.

His profile on the Marvel Appendix has been updated till 2011.

    Does anybody else besides me think J.M. DeMatteis was inspired by Jack Kirby's Demon when he created the Gargoyle? I've always thought there were similarities between them.

Oh yes, there are.
It is hard to know if Don Perlin did it on purpose but they look very much alike.