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Subj: Re: Doctor Strange #384: ZOIT!
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SAY. WHAT. NOW. ??!!
[Edit: ie. Wasn't it the Apoc Twins?]

Doctor Strange 384 (2018)

Other that confounding contradictatory claim this was a great read.

The good stuff:

-The cover is awesome. (Especially after reading the ending!)
-The inside art.
-Annoying (but comical) "baseball thru the window" tactic.
-Checking Zelma is clear first.
-Dropping the house.
-The main characters arguing and fight.
-Intro of his Yggdrasil Supermage look. Kinda weird too but a good splash page moment too.
-Intro creepy cool new dimension and battleground choice.
-Bitchin' Bunny Blast!
-The Disciples Of Strange was a horrendous concept retconned buuut it IS NOW CANON so the idea to replace the monks paying for Strange's magicks with the POWERFUL SENTRY is ingenius strategy. Robert's attitude brought a smile too.
-Wong used well.
-Zelma's showing to stop the pair USING PRECIDENT (and footnoted!) was very interesting - and thought provoking as to what precident this neutralizing mages could set now!
-Hilarious homage-flip to Avengers movie when Hulk punched Thor and the thing is it was such a smart serious scene to include at that moment.
-Great way for Loki (and readers) find out what's behind that damned door...
-ZOIT! Last page SHOCKING SHOCK "Return Of" you know who! Loki's horror reaction is interesting.
-CAN. NOT. WAIT. to see what happens next.

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After collecting every Dr. Strange solo story, Jason Aaron's run broke me. I just couldn't stand it. Hurt so much, I didn't even go to see the movie.

It was not Dr. Strange, in those isues

I love Dr. Strange, and enjoyed God Country, so when Cates came on I decided to give it a chance.

I'm still trying to figure out if he's fixing the problem, or making it worse.

I think fixing, but I'm on edge.