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    I think they were pretty determined to not bring back the golden age characters as Bucky was kept dead for years due to Stan decreeing "no sidekicks".


    Also Bucky being dead was a nice source of angst for Cap

At the point when Stan Lee established that Bucky was dead, Namor and Captain America, two of Timely's "Big Three", had already been brought back; a little over a year later came the return of the original Red Skull. Allthat does not exactly smack of a determination not to bring back Golden Age characters.

Stan Lee just had a rule against sidekicks.

No wait, at that point Hank Pym already had the Wasp as a sidekick/partner and Rick Jones had been introduced as the Hulk's sidekick and would later become Captain America's. So it was more a "no boy sidekicks with the same set of powers and abilities as the hero's" rule. \:\-D