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Subj: Re: Android Torch, the Vision and Immortus
Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 at 02:36:49 pm EST (Viewed 217 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Android Torch, the Vision and Immortus
Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 at 01:55:49 pm EST (Viewed 200 times)

    It's all in the writing. When I was first getting into comics, one of the first things I read was the excellent Vision and Scarlet Witch mini-series (by Bill Mantlo and Rick Leonardi). The series really hammered home how connected these characters were. They were connected with the Brotherhood, Quicksilver (and therefore with the Inhumans), with the Avengers, with Simon and the Grim Reaper, with Ultron, with the Wizzer and Miss America, with Wundagore, with the High Evolutionary... the list went on and on. And ultimately it was revealed that Wanda and Pietro were the children of Magneto, and therefore Luna was Magneto's granddaughter.

    Since the strength of the Marvel Universe was always its inter-connectivity, these stories really connected these two characters to the strength of Marvel itself. I fell in love with these guys fast. There were a couple of really good stories that followed around the same time - a Marvel Team-Up where Wanda got possessed by the Serpent Crown at Project Pegasus, and a Dr. Strange cross-over where Wanda assisted in destroying all vampires. Then came the intriguing Avengers-FF cross-over where the Vision crossed through the Negative Zone barrier and fell into a coma.

    But then the bad writing came. Vision/Isaac became a disembodied floating head and took over the world's computers. The Englehart Vision and Scarlet Witch mini turned the Vision from a brooding, mysterious presence into a grinning, overly-relatable young father. To your point, Reverend, Englehart really enlarged upon the idea of the Simon and the Vision considering themselves brothers, to a ridiculous degree. And of course, the idea of this couple having children was always a terrible idea.

    Then there was the infamous Byrne storyline in WCA which retconned the Vision from a being of synthetic flesh-and-blood (Pym had actually shrunk down and traveled through the Vision's fleshy insides) into a soulless thing of circuitry and robotics. Byrne also introduced Hammond into the Vision's origin, which really wasn't needed. During Byrne's run, Wanda's mental instability was introduced as a core element of her character, which allowed hacks like Bendis to dog-pile on the idea years later.

Byrne tweaked the origin certainly but Englehart connected Jim Hammond to Vision in Avengers #135. Byrne was trying to make them separate characters again. I agree with that goal but the horrible crap that came with that (Wanda going crazy, nexus beings, Vision being disassembled, Wanda's children being erased, Immortus etc) just wasn't worth it.

    So, yeah. The writing matters. In my opinion, the damage started with Englehart's bad ideas (the children and the overly humanized Vision). It progressed to Byrne assassinating both of their characters. And it culminated in Avengers Disassembled where Vision was destroyed (again) and Wanda went 100% cuckoo.

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