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Subj: Re: Spider-Man: Homecoming (finally watched it)
Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 at 08:57:35 am EST (Viewed 206 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Spider-Man: Homecoming (finally watched it)
Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 at 07:49:30 am EST (Viewed 190 times)


      What did you think? Did the movie do the scene justice?

    No, it didn't. Not even close. They completely wasted it in the film.

    Why? Well, the main reason is motivation. The film version is just Spider-Man showing how good he is even without the suit. He pushes himself to his limits, but big deal, they'd already shown him pushing himself to his limits in the ferry scene. But at least that was him trying to save lives. He lifts the building off him for purely selfish reasons.

I thought about that. But he was also motivated to stop the Vulture from getting all those weapons. Unfortunately, the movie did a poor job of making that clear. It seemed like he was just scared of being trapped. All the writer/director needed to do was have Peter mutter, "I have to get out of here. The Vulture can't get those weapons. Too many people will die." These thoughts would have been perfectly in character for the young boy we had watched for that whole movie.

This in conjunction with my prior comments can be summarized as: the scene was too light on information. We needed to be privy to a whole lot more of what was going on in Peter's head.

    In the comics though, his motivation is anything but selfish. He has the serum that can save Aunt May's life and only he can get it to her. If he dies, she dies. It's the thought of letting one frail old woman down that drives him to lift the wreckage.

    So, the film just shows how strong he is. The comic shows what a hero he is.

To some extent, the movie was shallow as to its definition of "hero." We saw determination, pride and ambition. Peter hears in his head the words of Tony Stark: "If you're nothing without the suit, you shouldn't have the suit." This scene was similar to an intense athletic performance in the Olympics. Such performances aren't just physical. They're very much spiritual. But what's at stake is mostly pride and ambition. Peter had some of that in his feat. But knowing the young boy we had been watching, we know there was more going on than just pride and ambition. However, the movie doesn't seem to know.

    Plus, once he's trapped in the film, that's it. You get the feeling that if he just waited someone would have eventually come by, if for no other reason than to check why a large building in New York had suddenly collapsed.

    The comic heightens the tension by giving him a time limit. The roof of the undersea base is damaged and crumbling, and the sea is pouring in at an increasing rate. If he doesn't break free soon... he'll drown.

There was a time limit. Peter had to get out of that trap so he could stop the Vulture from getting those weapons. He couldn't just sit around and wait to be rescued. The Vulture would have been long gone by the time he got out. But here again, we viewers know this, but the movie doesn't seem to know it.

    Lee and Ditko's version is FAR superior to the movie version.

I must agree.

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