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Subj: Re: How "relevant" do you want your comics?
Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 at 09:01:52 am EST (Viewed 110 times)
Reply Subj: How "relevant" do you want your comics?
Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 at 05:57:30 am EST (Viewed 163 times)

    I remember when "relevance" was a big thing for Marvel back in the 60s and 70s. I used to think it was pretty cool. But I was ten.

    Nowadays I don't want to see a single panel depicting or even discussing these topics:
    1. Rape
    2. Spousal abuse
    3. Child abuse
    4. Drug addiction
    5. Alcoholism
    6. Prostitution
    7. Pornography

I'm fine with all of that as long as the subject matter is handled with some respect. (but it's comics so it almost never is). When Striker revealed he was molested in Avengers Academy I thought they handled that respectfully and since he was a new character it seemed integral to understanding the new guy and not something gratuitous to subject an old favorite to.

I was a little disturbed a while back when I was reading Busiek's Conan run for Darkhorse. He had one female villain arrange the rape of her female protege to empower her and make her more brutal. That's f*cked up!

And I really didn't like Karen Page's whole relationship with pornography. They should have never turned her into a used up coke whore who did porn. But I don't like her stance that all porn was bad. She was forced into porn. Other women legitimately choose that career.

What I really don't like in comics is...smoking. I just hate to see characters smoking. Oh and tattoos...I hate seeing female characters with tattoos.

    Two "relevant" topics I would be OK with are:
    1. Bullying
    2. Mass shootings

    But the bully must receive stern (even savage) justice from his victims and the mass shooter must encounter the likes of Captain America who must save the day, utterly thwarting the shooter.

I don't want to see that story. If you're going to do a school shooter story where the hero saves the day and no one dies then just don't bother doing the story. A story like that where no one dies doesn't really advance any conversation or serve much of a point. Except reinforcing the idea that comics are unrealistic and tone deaf.

The drama comes from the potential of these young lives being cut short. One or two would have to get killed to wring any drama out of the story IMO.

    Generally, I don't want to read about helpless (and hopeless) victims in comic books. I know they abound in real life. But I don't want real life to encroach too far into my comics. Helpless victims in comics simply aren't fun unless a superhero eventually smashes through the window from outside and pounds the perp into pulp before the victim is harmed. The hope of rescue must always be there.

Nah. Because if the villains can't kill or win then they're not worth reading about.

    If we absolutely must have thugs who threaten rape, then let the intended victim be an undercover superhero who smashes the rapist into the dirt.

I guess my feeling about rape in comics is that...

1) it shouldn't happen in the present...I'm more lenient if it's in a flashback

2) it isn't gratuitous.

I used to really like Y the Last Man and there was always this implication that Yorick's older sister Hero may have been molested by her grandfather. To me that wasn't showed why she had a chip on her shoulder.

    I don't want my supervillains to be rapists. Rape is a cowardly act. I don't want my supervillains to be cowards. They defy the system, law enforcement and the superhero community. There has to be bravery in that despicable breast. That bravery is one of the elements that makes the supervillain fun.

By and large I don't want them to be rapists either. I guess I can live with it if the character is just the worst of the worst. Tell me the Red Skull's a rapist and I'll accept it without a complaint. But turn a character with some legitimate good points like Doctor Octopus into a rapist and I would be furious.

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