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Subj: Re: What really happened to Johnny Blaze's children?
Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 at 06:42:01 pm EST (Viewed 103 times)
Reply Subj: Re: What really happened to Johnny Blaze's children?
Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 at 03:57:08 pm EST (Viewed 95 times)

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    I think it is safe to say that the Medallion of Power and Blaze's kids being heirs to the power of the Rider has been tossed out.

    Howard Mackie started those plot threads and they were not finished before he left the 90's book.

    The 12 issue Blaze series started off good but then disintegrated long before it was ended. his kids were dimension hopping with a Wendigo as I recall. I think they were briefly reunited before cancellation but can't recall.

    Blaze does turn up in the 90's series again when Ivan Valez Jr was writing it, who was ignoring and undoing everything Mackie did by the way. He was seeking his kids and never did find them.

    GR frees Black Rose from Black Heart and restored her to being Roxanne and gave her back to Blaze in the long lost issue 94 that was finally printed before the first GR movie was released. It was not printed back in the day as marvel was near bankruptcy.

    Before the first GR movie it had been decided to restore Blaze as GR and we had the nonsense mini series GR Hammerlane which reactivated Zarathos within Blaze and they had to come to terms. Minimal mention of Ketch or Roxanne and the kids.

    Then came the next GR series which established that Blaze had been missing from the MU for a few years due to being dead and in hell due to the fact that despite beating the devil back in his original series, his soul was still due. He gets free, Ketch eventually returns and there is a war for heaven and we see that Roxanne and the kids are in heaven.

    We also get the implication that even though Blaze saved Heaven and learned that all the Riders are agents of Heaven and God's wrath that his soul might still be heading south when he dies again.

    So basically the writers and editors decided that the character's family was a tangled mess and killed them. Ketch is still around, allegedly depowered again but then again he is apparently considered the pariah/excuse for the 90's comics implosion.

The Blaze/Ketch/Kale family is pretty messed up continuity wise.

I think it's sort of accepted John Blaze is Danny and Barbara's full brother and that Jennifer Kale and her brother Andrew are their first cousins. But to me the books indicate that John only shares a mother (Clara Blaze/Naomi Kale) with Danny and Barbara. In the flashback negative one issue Naomi implies Danny and Barbara's father is just some guy named Antonio (John's is still Barton Blaze). And Jennifer and Andrew should be more distant cousins to Naomi's children.

There's no indication from what I've read so far that Jennifer's grandfather Joshua Kale (who was introduced when she was) the guy who protected the Atlantean tome of Zhered-Na is Naomi's father yet I think websites and handbook entries state that he is. In that same flashback issue to me it implied Naomi's father was none other than Caretaker the guy from the Blood group that was helping the Midnight Sons against Lilith and Zarathos during Siege of Darkness and the previous crossovers. She calls the guy who kills her poppa and to me it's clear that guy is Caretaker (immortalish dude with a shovel hanging around the Cypress Hills to be Caretaker) and not Joshua Kale who to my knowledge has never even popped up in a Ghost Rider related comic. (and if it's not Caretaker who else could it be...Mephisto is their grandfather? Or maybe her ancestor Pastor Kale that she shouldn't be calling Poppa since he was alive 200 years ago)

The Noble Kale origin was a lie


Howard Mackie wrote the issue and was basically under instruction to reset GR back to default.

He emerges and summons his ride and rides around teh city vowing to stop them and take vengeance, protect the innocent, etc.

Spidey is fighting terrorists that want to bomb the city.

GR arrives and lends a hand stating he returned because of the impending attack. Dan Ketch conveniently appears out of the crowd and talks to the Rider. Rider declares that he is NOT Noble Kale and that it was all lies.

He also states in his wounded condition he cannot contain the bomb so Danny merges with him again, bomb contained and the rider rides off into the night.

Basically, Black Heart sometime back had apparently killed Mephisto and was the king of hell. He started dealing with GR as GR began to learn his supposed origins. GR eventually learns hsi origins and that his ultimate power is the blue flames of the angel of death.

He powers up and destroys Blackheart thus becoming the new KING even as a mystery figure watches in the shadows.

Then issue 94 never came out.

Then came Spiderman 93 where he is reset.

Basically soon after GR was King, Mephisto returned and reclaimed his throne and wounded the Rider and cast him out.

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