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    Trish is annoying at times and a bit bratty from her Patsy days. IT also doesn't help that her mother wants to keep cashing in on the Patsy legacy and practically selling her daughter to the next hollywood gig.

    Clearly her heart isn't in that anymore, and she has a lot of bad memories from the Patsy days which I frankly wouldn't blame her for.

    But about 3 episodes into the season 2 was all it took to become convinced that she wants powers. Remember in Season 1 she did take one of Simpsons red pills and was briefly boosted by it. Now she gets her hands on the inhaler which was a milder version of it. Since she can't convince Jessica to stop being so bitter and hero up more, now she wants to be the hero.

Trish was really unbearable this year. But maybe that was for the best. It seems to me they toned Jessica's nastiness down a tad and the other women on the show were just so much worse (Trish, Dorothy, Alissa...I couldn't stand those 3)

For a show that supposedly was all about women...it sure made most of the women characters down right unlikable. But even for a villain I thought Karl Malus was someone I could totally get stoned with...he just seemed really friendly.

    She's got the motivation and the combat training but she doesn't have super powers without the inhaler.....until we see that scene at the end of the last episode that shows she did get something from Malus' experiment.

    As to Hogarth, again the gay thing isn't the problem in and of itself. It just felt at times like too much "gay pride" was being shoved into the series. I'm all for equal rights, but do we need to see her going off the rails into a gay orgy? Do we really need to see her having a tryst with the homeless girl (love how she set her up for murder). Then in the final episode she is starting to enjoy the company of her yoga instructor. The gay bar scene was brief and was an organic part of the story to set up the fact that the law partner had a secret to be used against him, that is no big deal. But Hogarth was practically all over any woman she met. Tone it down a few notches is all I'm saying. She's a gay and empowered woman. We get, we got it, loud and clear.

To me they did try to make Jeri seem like the male lead on a slutty after hours Showtime show always banging a new chick every episode. Who knew lesbians were so voracious?

Yes Jeri was a bit out of control this season, now granted she has learned her health is going terminal but still.....when she started moving towards her yoga teacher I instantly pictured both a barracuda and a cougar at the same time.....ick.

The main thing they need to stick with for her character is that she is NOT someone you mess with at all. She manipulated the girl into killing her partner in crime then reported the shooting. All with an untraceable gun that does not have Jeri's prints on it and she can easily deny she was ever there leading the girl on.

She could have very easily forced her two partners out at the end. She had all the dirt on them but instead she chose what could be the wiser path by divesting herself and all her clients including Rand Corp from the law firm and build something new for her. Thus she doesn't have to clean all the dirt out of the old firm and the old firm will die a slow death.

Also though they didn't show it yet, I suspect she will offer Foggy a job once her firm is up and running. She will need a heir of sorts if she doesn't get cured and Foggy, though he is a man, is a quite capable lawyer.

As to Jessica, she didn't seem as nasty this time so much as disgruntled with life. Kilgrave is gone but his damage to her mind remains plus she blames her self for years for the car crash.

Now her mother did make it clear that her dad did look away from the wheel but it was over the commotion Jessica made in the back in seat. So perhaps the blame is shared between Jessica and her dad?

Plus Jessica has had her mind blown this season by learning that her mother lives and the ashes of her family are all likely fake. Now she has learned of her powers and where they came from, but then she got to see her mother taken down for good by Trish.

So yeah...any mental recovery she has made at this point has gone south.

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