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Subj: Re: Doctor Strange #3: Right or Wong?
Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 at 11:54:55 am EDT (Viewed 196 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Doctor Strange #3: Right or Wong?
Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 at 12:02:25 pm EDT (Viewed 222 times)

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    Doctor Strange 003 (2018)

    You know that this "Universe 8" crap is a hot mess when Turk Barrett competent is a more competent, interesting and deadly a supervillain than Marvel's iconic Super-Skrull! This "Return Of" was so underwhelming - although Strange pawning him put's a point in Doc's recovering track record. His half decent supervillain face off and "repeated" use of The Time Stone helped detract from his casual and uninspired increasing number of Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. Kanna appears to be just your random arcanoligist afterall and decent enough No-Prize reason for Stephen's ongoing survival as a space cadet. From the sorcerer's POV she is a nice enough 'sidekick' and easy mark to screw over should she challenge his mystic morals. Wow he's got an established thing for problematic mindwiping, eh?

Another excellent issue. The narration is such a pleasure. Succinct and with a personality.

Kanna is a fun new character who hopefully will survive this particular story line. I've been expecting her to betray Stephen. What a delightful twist Waid gave us! Stephen betrayed Kanna! He didn't harm her, of course. In fact one could argue he may have saved her from disaster. Nevertheless, he lied to her and altered her memories. Yes, he had a very good reason for doing so. But he did it.

I still expect Kanna to betray Stephen at some point. I do, however, expect her to feel remorse and possibly even double back to save him from whatever bane whose clutches she left him in.

The artifacts are nifty.

Stephen's reaction to dealing with a Skrull sorcerer - "Nope. Nope. Nope" - was thought-provoking. Consider the hair-raising stunts Doctor Strange had only just recently partaken of. Yet a Skrull sorcerer gave him pause. I like that. It makes the Skrulls seem really dangerous, as they should.

The Skrull homeworld was surprising in its lack of technology. An explanation was given - who needs a car when you can morph into a bird? - but still, the Skrulls are a spacefaring race, so where is their space stuff? A mystery for another day, I guess.

Super Skrull was awesome as always. Using his Skrull subjects to form his throne was perfectly arrogant as befits a Skrull emperor. He was outfighting both Stephen and Kanna and only lost because Stephen used the Time Stone. I mean, let's face it, Doctor Strange with the Time Stone is pretty much unbeatable.

And then at the end: Bats the Ghost Dog! I wouldn't have known who he was, but you guys told me right here on this board, so I got all excited when I saw the guy.

I can't do justice to your continuity comments so I won't try. As usual, I'm happier than many because I know less than most, so very little bothers me.

The art was top notch.

The explanation for lack of technology read false even as I read it. We can walk and run, so why anything even as lowly as a bicycle or even ride a horse? You can drive a car, so why take a train or airplane for a 500 mile journey? Because it's more efficient, faster, and less tiring than doing it under your own power. There's a reason why cheetahs don't run everywhere. Likewise, apart from Super-Skrull and others similarly treated, skrulls change how they look, they don't actually take on other properties (a problem many writers/artists seem to have with shape changers, taking the shape of a balloon or zeppelin is not going to actually give you flying ability if you're not filled with lighter than air gas, the shape of a sword is not going to help you against an actual steel sword). Being in the rain or snow is going to feel the same regardless of their shape, so there's still good reason to have buildings and shelters. You're still going be cold, hot from sun, etc. And, native creatures and bugs may still find you tasty.

Didn't care for Dr. Strange being only active for ten years - maybe that's his public answer, or simply how long he has been Sorcerer Supreme. I figure he has been around much longer. With sliding time scale, his accident probably happened in late 1970s/early 80s. Add several years of bottoming out searching for a cure. Unlike the movie, would assume even basic mystic training took another several years, possibly a decade, especially starting from scratch and already being in his 30s or 40s and to transition from student to apprentice to being a master. A few years with his blue cape operating more on his own and building a reputation as occult investigator or specialist which he is shown to have by the time his first story is published. He has probably been at master level for several years by the time the FF first went to space and Peter Parker got bitten.

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