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Subj: Re: CBR attempts to explain why Carol Danvers was NOT present in Death of Captain Marvel
Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 at 05:37:33 am EDT (Viewed 91 times)
Reply Subj: CBR attempts to explain why Carol Danvers was NOT present in Death of Captain Marvel
Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 at 02:05:47 am EDT (Viewed 105 times)

    And as far as I am concerned CBR/Chris Claremont screwed up

Now I can kind of empathize with someone being mad at Claremont for not writing an explanation that covered Jim Starlin for his strange omission of Carol Danvers from The Death of Captain Marvel, but in what way is CBR supposed to have "screwed up" here when it inadvertently draws attention to the weaknesses in Claremont's Marvel Fanfare story? Seems to me that the way CBR and CC have "sinned" here is in drawing attention to the fact that Jim Starlin apparently considered Carol too unimportant to rate a silent appearance in a crowd shot, let alone a few panels of conversation (which actually would have been the least she and her relationship to Mar-Vell deserved).

    Avengers Annual 10 1981 as I recall is where Rogue depowered Carol and took her memories and personality. She then is taken by the X-men for Xavier to restore her mind. Which he did, over time, restore her memories but not emotions.

    Death of Captain Marvel was published in 1982. The X-men were there but Carol wasn't.

    Marvel Fanfare #24 1986 shows Claremont's weak attempt at addressing Starlin's omission. They tell Carol they tried to contact everyone he knew but couldn't reach her. She somehow missed all the broadcasts around the world and galaxy the Marv was dying.....

    ......on a wild guess LIKELY due to the fact that she was recovering from Rogue's attack at the time and her mind was not yet fully restored by Xavier.

Nope, that wouldn't work. Carol was in good enough a shape to confront her former Avengers teammates and tell them off at the end of Avengers Annual #10, it would frankly be insulting to her to suggest that she would not have been up to visit Mar-Vell before he died.

    Marvel fanfare's story occurs after she and the X-men return to Earth from their fight with the Brood and she becomes Binary.

    The other big blunder of Claremont's attempt is that basically the X-men didn't think to tell her after she had her mind restored.

That would appear to be true.