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Subj: Re: Endgame : new trailer
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I think keeping them alive will be a bad choice from a narrative standpoint. I think it will be a bad decision.

Still, I think they will not die, mostly because the trailer makes it seem that way.

However, I still think the whole "traumatized kids" angle is ridiculous, and makes no sense. They are stating alive for crass commercialism.

Marvel movies are rated PG-13, and all these films were rated PG, and had darker elements than noble sacrifice (which has been in children's fiction forever)

Old Yeller is a Disney classic, and a kid has to shoot his own dog.

In Return to Oz, there is a hall of heads.

Never Ending Story is pretty much about Depression.

Luke Skywalker's Aunt and Uncle (essentially his parents) are killed... presumably burned alive.

Raiders of the Lost Arc has people's faxces melting, admittedly Nazis and therefore okay, but still a disturbing image.

Temple of Doom has a child slave ring, where they are worked to death.

Poltergeist has a guy pulling his own face off.

E.T. dies. However, before that he just controls a kid

All the Jedi are shown massacred, including small children, in Episode III of the original action figure franchise

Han Solo is tortured in Empire Strikes Back.

Like every Disney character's mother dies.

The Brave little Toaster more or less has a song about euthanasia, where sentient cars sing about their lives, right before being smashed to a lifeless cube.

Three kids seemingly die in Willie Wonka, but it is okay because it turns out they probably just suffered while orange people taunted them in song. The scene with violet freaked me out as a kid.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit melted a cute cartoon to death.

The father in Close Encounters of the Third Kind willingly abandons his family, and is celebrated for it.

Yes I have stated that merchandising is one big reason why they will live. Who wants a toy of a character that gets killed?

However I am not kidding nor exaggerating the error or fallout from when Optimus was killed in 1986.

Optimus was brought back due to the backlash of the parents of the kids that were freaked out and upset at seeing him die in the theater and then in a post movie episode he was revived as a zombie bot and died again for good. His return was a total retcon.

GI Joe animated movie? It was made after the transformers movie in 1986, in it Duke was going to die after being speared in the heart by a poison snake that was then ripped out of his chest. They are said to have scenes of his funeral made but it was all last minute changed to Duke being in a coma for the rest of the movie due to the fallout from killong Optimus.

Ever notice how in every transformer live movie or cartoon since the original that the Optimus character doesn't die? He gets blasted and rebuilt and upgraded.

In beast machines opimus is shown at the end ascending to the matrix having wrapped his mission but that need not be his end

In transformers prime, Optimus narrates as he goes to restore the well of Sparks that this isn't death for him but a new transformation and we see his spark fly away at the end.

The cartoon mini series Prime wars had Optimus perish only to return at the end.

Batman Beyond Return of the Joker also was changed before release due to parent groups freaking out over how Joker was killed in the flashback so it was altered at the last minute with new scenes and adjusted dialogue. Eventually the original version was released ax an unrated version.

So while you do make excellent examples, the power of traumatized kids and irate parents cannot be underestimated.

Also in the comic book version of infintiy gauntlet, crusade and war, any deaths were reversed by the gauntlet. ;\)

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