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Subj: Re: An idea I had regarding Captain Marvel/Shazam and Marvel
Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 at 01:21:21 pm EDT (Viewed 85 times)
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    You know....that would greatly explain the DROP in the quality of some of their titles.....(looks over at Spider-man and "thor")

I'd say that it has an impact on the Marvel Universe as a whole because the current comics have become by-products of the movies (contrary to the vintage comics which are still a source of inspiration for the movies ... Yes, it is an Ouroboros).

But, yes, I don't think that the current writers & editors have a lot of freedom with the characters currently because one of senior-level executives might be afraid that it kills the goose that lays the golden egg.

Well I don't mind if the characters adopt some movie elements as long as they don't get Deus Ex Machina retconned away.

such as during the Rami trilogy, Peter had organic web shooters in the comics, and then it was undone with the Mephisto Mindwipe and as I recall there is no explanation or confirmation if he still has them or if Mephisto reset him at a genetic level.

But hey, it's magic....they don't have to explain it.

Comic THOR now has the beard and shorter hair that was in the Ragnarok movie....sadly now also like in Ragnarok he has lost his hammer....but in the case of the comics it has emasculated him and he is now indeed the wimp of hammers instead of the God of Thunder.

HULK....well it looks like in the MCU what we had in 2008 HULK movie was the classic "HULK SMASH!" with some of Banner still in control, though his fight with the military in the middle of the movie broke the rule about no one dying in a fight with the Hulk, while the Ang Lee movie stuck with that rule.

In the end Banner is learning to control and induce the change at well and we see a satisfied and possibly evil smirk on his face as his eyes light up.

We also had a HULK in that movie that was nerfed in power levels from the Ang Lee movie that also got that part right.

Avengers 1: HULK is BACK to his PROPER POWER LEVELS. I also saw some elements of the Mantlo Banner-Hulk in that Banner CAN control the change and retain some intellect as the Hulk to keep him under control but as we saw earlier in the movie if Banner's rage gets out of control so does the HULK. Which was something that the Banner-Hulk of that comic era had to contend with as well. Avengers 2: same thing as Avengers 1

Thor Ragnarok: he wasn't quite the Green Scar but more classic Hulk in terms of intellect but Banner was still in there, but like in Planet Hulk, Hulk wouldn't let Banner out as he knew Banner would want to leave and also he knew Banner wouldn't last on that planet.

Avengers Endgame: MCU HULK is likely becoming merged/Professor Hulk

Iron Man in the comics for a time had the arc reactor in him like in the movies but I think his recent regeneration has done away with that, but then the movies did away with it too.

So the MCU has changed some comics, but in the case of the HULK, it is the comics changing the MCU version. Still want to see Grey Hulk though.

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