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Subj: Re: WotR - Journey into Mystery #1: Spring may not have sprung yet but Marvel has...
Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 at 04:27:58 pm EDT (Viewed 154 times)
Reply Subj: WotR - Journey into Mystery #1: Spring may not have sprung yet but Marvel has...
Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 at 10:35:50 am EDT (Viewed 219 times)

    War-Of-The-Realms-Journey-Into-Mystery 001 (of 5)

I totally enjoyed this - but hey, I totally enjoy Asgardians of the Galaxy too, so what do I know?

    Spring may not have sprung yet but Marvel has SPRUNG a whole bunch of WTH reveals and a WAY contrived quest party on us with this mini. Too unlikely and unevenly, imo. Not that there isn't marginal fun to suspend your disbelief with.

Lots of marginal fun! Wait - is that an oxymoron?

    And sure a lot of "JOURNEY" but no satisfaction of "MYSTERY" to sell. Where to begin? Where to begin? Read this 2 days ago but to coherently formulate a 'review' with all the gripes and good points seemed too daunting. So, here is just a cathartic dumping of jots that went thru my head as reading...

This is why people post here: catharsis!

    How did the team get an RV?

It's Wonder Man's RV.

    Is "WM" stand for Wonder Man's RV?

Yup. He was sitting in it when Balder recruited him.

    ···weeeird gathering of heroes; hope the explanation is a good one...

These are the ones who were willing and able and could be recruited on the way to Oklahoma. Chosen by fate, as it were. Like the Fellowship of the Ring. One thing I've decided: We can't go too far wrong if we assume the inspiration (for pretty much anything in this crossover event) is Tolkien's masterpiece.


    ···DEATH LOCKET?! That's out of left field. Not a bad thing to add in Global Crisis. Was her last story Avengers Undercover?

I never heard of her. She seems pretty tragic. No friends. No family. Just robots she's programmed to act like they like her. But that's why she's willing. Loneliness.


    ···Thori is fun - not sure about him constantly leaving his best friend and master's side, though

I don't think he has any way of getting to where Thor is. Otherwise he'd go there instantly. Lockjaw he ain't, sadly. Say, I wonder if Lockjaw could get to where Thor is.


    ···it's kind a funny bit that heroes don't drive - are they pushing it to add the comedy fo Sindr's fire-being DO DRIVE?! Is that a helltransport or retrofitting used vehicle?

It's weird that Simon can't drive. But I have to say, it's not weird that he can't figure out the car seat. Those things seem to be designed by someone who hates us all.


    ···DRUID?! That's out of left field. Not a bad thing in Global Crisis. Was Seb's last story Hickman's Secret Warriors?

Never heard of him. But he's a better choice for this story than Doctor Strange would have been. Strange would just hide the baby in some other universe. The End.


    ···neat exposition device with Balder learning status quo things after being dead

Yup. And funny!

    ···THOR HAS A BABY SISTER (Laussa)?!

Apparently. He also has Angela - not a baby but a sister.


    ···FREYJA HAD SEX WITH ODIN less than 1-2 year ago?

"I know, I know, it's bracing, but it shall pass... mostly."

    ···THOR HAS A (humungous) CASTLE in Broxton (still)?

This is the JMS castle, right?

    ···GAEA HAS TAKEN HUMAN FORM to be a nanny?

That name drives me nuts. Gaea is the GREEK goddess of the Earth. (sigh)

    ···THOR IS EXILED is a footnote for WotR#1 but didn't he show up?

I don't know if "exiled" is the right word, but he's gone and nobody can get to him, so it amounts to the same thing, in practical terms.

    ···WAR OF THE REALMS battles and destruction started "DAYS AGO". How many days? Is it upon readers to calculate the # of DAYS it would take an RV to drive from NYC to California recruiting heroes? Bah.

This is one of those things that you think about and I don't.

    After a few hours the destruction would probably be 10 times compared to that done by the entire Secret Empire Event? Does that mean readers have a moanful COSMIC RESET to look forward to?

It doesn't seem like a reset will be needed. Just a lot of fighting.

    ···soooooo, Asgardians will be killing and Earth heroes will be just smiting trope, eh? *sigh*

Now that I did think about. But it makes sense. Asgardians have been beheading giants and trolls for thousands of years. What will jar me is if Asgardians start beheading mortals. That shouldn't happen.

    ···is there some new design bit in Miles' dull colored costume?

An art error, I think.

    ···why did Kate go to Texas and not with WCA? Just to serve a lame supervillain when Midgard is being set ablaze?

She didn't seem to be aware of the War of the Realms. Or if she was, she just figured the Avengers would handle it. Mortals have no idea of the scope of this battle - yet.

    ···ATM, Wondy is still a pacifist. How long will THAT last in a War?

Longer than I would like. I hate the pacifism thing. It's bizarre.

    Fun line: "PITCH ME!"

Actor jargon. I liked it.


    Good idea to get him to fight the bridge instead.

"Fight the bridge" is my favorite phrase of the day.

    ··AHA! Just a repurposed Helltransport if it can't make it over that small gap...

They just don't make Helltransports like they used to.

    OH SNAP! Maybe it doesn't carry fire-beings... maybe it's only... ARES?!

And there you have it - a mystery!

    What was HIS last status/story told? So much for non-interferrence in WotR from other Pantheons?

Maybe we'll learn more about that!

Meanwhile, another mystery:

Why do I love any comic that has Miles in it, yet have no interest at all in buying his book?

Clue: Back in the day, my favorite Peter Parker book was Marvel Team-Up.

Speaking of Death Locket - she has definitely piqued my interest.

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