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Subj: Re: War Of The Realms - WAR SCROLLS #1: Fail or Pass?
Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 at 07:59:44 am EDT (Viewed 125 times)
Reply Subj: War Of The Realms - WAR SCROLLS #1: Fail or Pass?
Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 at 07:12:42 pm EDT (Viewed 137 times)

    What did you think of this Anthology Mini that this Gimmick Event gets?

I mostly liked the stories.

    War Of The Realms: War Scrolls 001 (of 3)

I almost dropped the book. But I waited for the Punisher issue and that was pretty good so I'm hanging on for now.

    He's recently suited up but has been unprofessionally not up to par yet. Now, uncharacteristically he's suddenly gotten a god complex because he's been given Heimdal's magic sword (and apparently power upgrades to go with it).

The power is clearly affecting his mind.

    Marvel tries to be friendly on the Recap Page by warning to read WotR#2 first but presumably they should have said WotR#3 since he doesn't get the sword in #2.

Yes, that was odd.

    All that happened was that Sif inexplicably chit chats with DD, the Midgard stranger, about Heimdal's injury just because: wild plot device. But no interaction or hand offs was done yet between - so fails there.

I don't really mind the overall story being told this way. It happens in movies all the time. Fast forward to some unexpected new status quo, and then rewind to find out how we got there. I could see someone complaining that people shouldn't have to buy the spin-offs to get important story beats but really that doesn't make sense. The spin-offs can't be hamstrung like that. Sometimes they're going to actually matter to the overall storytelling.

    The art was somewhat okay.

The coloring was especially good. Same colorist as for the main mini.

    The forced untold flashback to (one of) DD's earliest with Thor was okay. And Kingpin's cliffhanger (and wild plot device) surprise fate was okay.

I liked both things.

    DD kills(?) 2 Frost Giants by himself. We don't need no steenkin' Asgardians.

DD has an Asgardian perspective now. Apparently.

    DD 'ports a bunch of people thru a sword generated crackling energy portal 'cuz NYers feel much safer being ..err.. blindly herded via the magic mystery door rather than hide in the backyard they know. Somehow the sword has power but last issue of AotG had Heimdal hard pressed to have any current access to Midgard.

I would definitely have taken the magic mystery door. As for the sword - we'll get the scoop on the rewind.

    STORY 2: Four w/C&D
    It seems to start as an matter-of-fact Trial By Fire initiation for Hildegard joining the Warriors Three -or Four- as it were (and the title suggests). Their mission to transport a wounded Volstagg from an earlier arc they don't bother footnoting. But hypocritically they're happy to footnote THOR#204 because these "Warriors Four" apparently lived and adventured alongside Avengers. [Huh. Remind me how long did that go on?] Finally something interesting happens as Cloak and Dagger get involved to team-up with "Warriors Four" against a Frost Giant and a couple of Dark Elves. Nothing special about the team-up or skirmish happens, though, so some fails there too.

It was my first experience of Hildegarde so for me it was interesting.

    The art was okay - maybe less so than STORY 1. The NIGHTCAT album Easter Egg was the most interesting story element. [Can we hope that Perez mini will increase in value?? \:\) ] The ripped up doll of Howard the duck was absolutely SO LESS interesting as the other Easter Egg. [And TBH, needlessly confusing to include with him actually starring in STORY 4.]

    C&D removes 1 Frost Giant from Earth pretty much by themselves. We don't need no steenkin' Asgardians.

These stories all had a central theme of protecting and helping the stragglers who might otherwise have been forgotten. In this story that theme became a life lesson for Hildegarde and it was taught by Cloak and Dagger. Pretty cool!

    STORY 3: Wolvie & Frank
    Just like a 6-page story expansion that flips their brief 6-panel longlost reunion in WotR#2. Logan surprises Frank with a save there but the opposite happens here which is redundancy fail. The banter was better there than here. Is little girl Jae the last brave NYer (of the masses in this story)?

    The art was good - best of the ish. The miraculously[read:ridiculously] nobody is going to die big NYC battle continues but at least this choreography was more fluid. The transition from STORY 2 and WotR#2 was sufficiently orienting, too.

    Logan kills a pack of Dark Elves by himself. Frank kills a ginormous Rock Troll. And the Frost Giant they took care of in WotR seems to be lying there. We don't need no steenkin' Asgardians.

The most interesting thing for me was that I needed to go back and look at the panel where the girl's rock hits the Rock Troll's head. Originally I assumed the rock took out the Rock Troll. (Some sort of rock/paper/scissors/Rock Troll thing. Or else pressure points.) But then I saw the explosive effect at the back of the Rock Troll's skull and realized - OHHHH! - Frank did it.

The Howard the Duck status quo right now is perfect. So of course Marvel will tear it apart because it doesn't outsell Batman. I mean - come on- Aunt May is one of the heroes and in a completely plausible way because they actually need what she - as a good secretary - can provide. Aunt May! It's brilliant.

    Very clever story title and party name. Revisiting many supporting cast of HtD's cancelled book. May and Patsy, too! Photo of Bev. HtD gets a last name! "The Lucky Parker" \:\) . HtD tearing up 'cuz client is rich ;\) . Fun banter. Smart detail about Frost Giant outhousing. Tara in her unstable molecule costume detail. Lovable but oh so dumb Mitzie. The figurative but oh so literal final gag.

Gross - but it's Howard the Duck so it works. It would have worked for Deadpool too but lately I'd rather have Howard.

Oh - and the art was really good.