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Subj: Re: Captain Marvel movie has topped a billion dollars worldwide!
Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 at 05:36:51 am PDT (Viewed 309 times)
Reply Subj: Captain Marvel movie has topped a billion dollars worldwide!
Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 at 04:31:25 am PDT (Viewed 356 times)

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Carol Danvers is a member of the billion dollar club, along with Aquaman and the Black Panther, just to name recent "inductees."

I'm glad I liked the movie, and my daughters and son-in-law liked the movie. We plan to watch it again when it comes out on Redbox. I have a feeling we'll notice some interesting details the second time around.

What I found interesting is that over half of that, according to the link, was not domestic.

I looked up Black Panther to compare, and that was 700,000,000+ domestic. That was a little more than half.

I wonder if that will mean something in the sequel. Maybe with it taking place (in part) in Europe or Asia.

I can't speak to its quality. I didn't see it. In truth I have see only 7/22 of MCU films. I kind of lost interest in most of them a while ago. Cap an the the GoG were the only ones I remained really invested in.

Though, when i eventually saw the others on TV I did enjoy Black Panther, Ant-MAn... and another.

Plus, the movie lost be before it started. Really, Nine Inch Nails? That is the band you go with?

It is a little weird, my first intro to the character, like many others, was through Rouge. For me, that is where her story truly begins, and where it gets life.

As such, when I do get around to watching it, it may feel more like a prelude to me.