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Subj: Re: My ultimate SPOILER-filled Avengers Endgame review (read only after you've seen the movie)
Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 at 05:27:41 pm CDT (Viewed 281 times)
Reply Subj: Re: My ultimate SPOILER-filled Avengers Endgame review (read only after you've seen the movie)
Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 at 09:27:22 am CDT (Viewed 332 times)

    The Captain Marvel scenes were actually shot in this movie before her own titular film, which was released first, and so the Russos aren't able to gauge her properly. They seem to follow Kevin Feige's edict that she's the most powerful superhero whereas her own film makes that far more ambiguous. She overshadows the other Avengers in a way that weakens the drama, similar to how Superman weakened the Justice League movie.

She doesn't overshadow anything, at all. At best, she's just an assist that just helps bring things together. All of the heavy plot lifting is done without her.

    Between Black Widow and Hawkeye making the sacrifice play for the Soul Stone, Black Widow had to die for it to have resonance because really, who cares about Hawkeye? But one could argue that for precisely that reason, she should have been the one to live. She had spent her entire time with the Avengers paying off the red in her ledger whereas Hawkeye had basically just become the Punisher for 5 years, but he gets the happy ending surrounded by his restored family? This would be more understandable if Scarlet Johansson simply wanted to move on and never be in another MCU movie, but she' set to be in a Black Widow prequel movie probably next year. The prequel will be far less effective if it feels like the story of a character whose story has already been told and finished. It's not even like the Star Wars prequels about an already deceased Anakin Skywalker. Those came out 16 years after the original trilogy. Black Widow's death will still be fresh when her film arrives, and if that film somehow chooses to undo her death, it will cheapen it here.

I feel just the opposite: Black Widow had to die because who cares about her. Hawkeye had to survive because his family. Black Widow basically has no one. They had to dream up the worthless Hulk thing just to give her something (and that just didn't work).

    Captain America's ending seemed to break the rules of time travel that the film had set up. As the Ancient One noted, once the Time Stone was removed from her reality and taken to the future (whereas it was not before), it would create a branching timeline. That wouldn't affect the core MCU reality; however, it would have terrible repercussions for the new alternate reality, which is why Steve Rogers returned the Stones. Except that Rogers went back in time and spent a lifetime with Peggy Carter. That should have also generated an alternate reality and not have impacted the core timeline except that Rogers shows up in the core timeline as an old man. Similarly, Loki escaping after the first Avengers' movie story instead of being captured for the events of Thor: The Dark World and Ragnarok would also result in an alternate timeline for that Loki. Otherwise, it would have drastically affected the core reality's history with the Reality Stone and the Space Stone/Tesseract. I predict the Loki escape scene will lead to this version of Loki running about the core MCU, which would unfortunately undo much of his character arc, one of the most interesting ones in the MCU. Similarly, reviving Gamora by having a past version of herself come to the future seems awkward because it retroactively eliminates all the character building we saw between her and Quill in the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Will we have to go through that again in the third film? In any case, Cap's ending does have a poetic quality to it. The present/future version of himself spends his life with Peggy and then the past version of himself gets revived from the ice and does all the superheroing while the retired version just sits back and watches, having gone through it already.


    Nebula surprisingly has one of the biggest roles in the film. In my opinion, she was always one of the most interesting characters in the Guardians films. Thanos always preferring Gamora psychologically removed Nebula's humanity piece by piece just as Thanos literally did so to her physically, leaving her this husk of hate who still wanted to prove herself to her father. She overshadowed the generic Ronan as a villain in the first Guardians, and her reconciliation with Gamora was moving in the second. As per the time travel rules in this story, her killing her past self generated an alternate reality for that death, as her present/future self did not die, which again, makes Cap's old man appearance a plot hole. Nebula was very enjoyable here right down to her reactions playing with Tony Stark that open the film and her tenderness towards him.

More agreement.

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