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Subj: Re: War Of The Realms #3: Fight(off panel)! Fight(between issues)! Fight(in snippets)!
Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 at 07:40:11 pm EDT (Viewed 182 times)
Reply Subj: War Of The Realms #3: Fight(off panel)! Fight(between issues)! Fight(in snippets)!
Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 at 09:41:57 pm EDT (Viewed 417 times)


      Matt Murdock is hearing you behind your door.

    Ridiculous power level. Even for Heimdal. How many million 'See Something? Say Something.' situations are unevenly ignored.

It's true to the original myths. Heimdall could see and hear literally EVERYTHING. No limits.

By the way, I'm still enjoying this mini-series. Issue 3 was the second comic I grabbed from the pile this week. The first was the latest Deathstroke issue, which is a cross-over with the Teen Titans, and in which something rather important happens.

So do we think a cosmic reset will be necessary? I was ready to say yes, but I've decided I'm not so sure. More on that below.


      Poor Black Knight, his blade is considered important enough to be a plot point, but he still gets defeated off-screen and he gets no dialogue.

    Indeed. Such character disrespect and inconsistency since Weirdworld in Secret Wars.

Nevertheless, we didn't see him die. I thought we were going to, but apparently Malekith was distracted by Captain Marvel. If the Black Knight had died, I would have said a cosmic reset was inevitable. I know he's barely a tier 2 character, but he's been around since the Silver Age, with a legacy reaching back to the Golden Age, and I just can't see Marvel leaving him dead for more than a few months - unless he went to Valhalla and we got a Black Knight in Valhalla mini-series out of it.



        I find it hilarious that after all this crap, all Roxxon Oil is getting out of this is &^%$ing Antartica while everyone else in Malekith's armies gets the better continents.

      I still don't get why Dario Agger is still even involved with Malekith. Who's he gonna sell Oil to now?

    It actually feels organic, imo, following events in Thor. Everyone uses oil. Plus, he has a foothold in the alien treasureland regardless who wins.

I think it's pretty amazing that Dario Agger gets anything at all. I mean, to pick one example, Doctor Doom got squat.

    Readers of Venom's solo series are probably pretty confused right now. It seems that Aaron and Cates didn't coordinate things properly. And Costa's tie-ins also contradict this.

What's happening in the solo book? Not that it matters, really. Whatever it is, it's happening after War of the Realms.


      Spider-man is such a tool in this

    Nervous banter. Promise to hug Wolvie was cute enough.

I agree. In any case, one could argue that Spider-Man is a tool in every story always. It's practically his trademark.

I like this team - Cap, Spidey, Wolvie, Luke, and Danny - a lot. Add a few women and I would gladly accept this as the main Avengers team. Back in the day, pre-Bendis, I was against Wolverine being an Avenger, but that ship has sailed. Wolverine is an Avenger. And I personally don't need my Avengers to be Marvel's Justice League; I.e., they don't need to be Earth's Mightiest Heroes. They just need to be fun to read about. This line-up is fun.

The All-Mother's team seems oddly chosen. I would have expected either a stealth team or a powerhouse team. This one is neither.

The so-called "War Avengers" have some serious power. Some of these characters would have been picked for my team if I were the All-Mother. I mean, why would you take Blade and the Punisher when you can have Weapon H? Still, the War Avengers look fun to read about.

I didn't know She-Hulk could turn her fists into gamma bombs. I like it.

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