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Subj: Re: ENDGAME!
Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 at 06:28:53 pm EDT (Viewed 225 times)
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    First, I'll answer the question that intrigues me the most from prior threads: I say YES, the MCU now has (if it didn't already have) multiple time lines. There's no other realistic way to interpret (1) Loki making off with the Tesseract; (2) Thanos and his army getting dusted before Thanos ever obtained all the stones; or (3) Steve Rogers having a long life with Peggy Carter. At the very least we have those three alternate time lines. And yes, from any one of them could emerge - The Fantastic Four!

I'm not sure the Steve/Peggy relationship IS an alternate timeline. In winter Soldier, it was said that Steve saved many people, including the man who would become her wife.

So, maybe that was Steve. Maybe she was briefed on everything to keep up the flow of time.

No photo of her husband?

Or maybe not. Maybe there is a reality where Steve fixes everything. No HYDRA in SHIELD, no Thanos.

I don't know. However, him appearing in the timeline at the end would imply something along the lines of keeping things going occurred.

Especially since it was said it was eh absence of the Infinity Gems that causes divergent timelines. With them all back where they cae from, how would it diverge?

My guess however, is that the announced Falcon/Bucky Disney Plus show will start with Steve's funeral.

    It interests and moves me a lot that no fewer than three of the universe's saviors have (or had) daughters: Scott, Clint, and Tony. I have daughters so this touches me on a very personal level.

I'm not trying to be a jerk here, I am just curious. Why does having a daughter matter? I mean a kid is a kid, and it is a 50/50 chance you'll have one or the other.

I am genuinely interested as someone without daughters, and raised in a home with only brothers (but whose mother is quite the second wave feminist).

Is it kind of like how I am a bit excited that since in Spider-man: Life Story, he is only a year older than my Dad, and he may end up having a kid my age in the series, or is it something deeper?

    Cool how Peter David's smart Hulk got such a huge nod in this film. And stunning how the Ancient One so effortlessly separated and then reunited the personas.

Yeah, I haven't heard enough praise about how well the Peter David Hulk was translated.

It was weirdly accurate. The tone was pitch perfect PAD.

    Captain Marvel was tremendous. See why I said she was Marvel's Superman? I was surprised yet moved by the scene near the end, where all the heroes who stood up to join her were women. What a girl power moment! And it cements in everyone's minds what Captain Marvel means to the MCU. She is the great central rallying point for girl power. Not to mention the fact that her movie has joined the billion dollar club.

The girl power moment seemed a bit forced. I know, I know, there are a bunch of ###holes on the internet who are going to be pissed off, and fine they are dicks.

The obviousness of the moment just pulled me out of it. I am fine with the moment, but I just with it had been shot more fluidly... if you catch my drift.

It was however very much a part of something I liked about the scene as a whole... everyone got there moment, yet it s the big three that gave the final fight.

Team effort. If you were a protagonist in a Marvel film (even secondary) you were valuable to the big win. Right on.

I guess that was sort of my thing. It should have been a Star Trek moment. No attention called. No trumpets blazing, just "no shit they are important to the fight."

Although your Superman comparison does raise some eyebrows for me.

Full disclosure, I have not seen Captain Marvel. I have only seen 8/22 of the MCU films in theaters. I got off th majority of this bus a long time ago.

So, maybe its a masterpiece, maybe it is garbage. no idea.

But, Superman has always been antithetical to the Marvel Universe. Every time they try to put one in it goes awry, and is quickly forgotten.

I think Stan Lee designed it that way. If she truly is the Superman of the series (And it did look that way) that could be a potential problem in the future.

But, like I said, I didn't see the film, so this is all conjecture.

    I am so glad Tony dusted Thanos. He needed to be dusted. I was worried there, for a few seconds, that Thanos wouldn't get his vastly deserved oblivion. But he did. I blurted out, "Thank God!"

Did he?

Granted, I saw that on Tuesday, and time marches on.

But Tony was pretty dead-set on saving his daughter... no matter the cost.

Do we know he didn't just dust them back to their time?

Just doing eh same thing would mean no Guardians of the Galaxy, no Infinity War, and more than likely, no Morgan Stark.

Of course, if he was briefed on branching timelines... who knows. That was part of the issue that has everyone scratching their heads.

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