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Subj: Re: ENDGAME!
Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 at 10:46:17 pm EDT (Viewed 211 times)
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    I finally saw it yesterday. Me, my older daughter, and her husband. All of us liked it a lot.

I enjoyed this movie a lot too. I like Infinity War better of the two movies, but this one was still great.

    First, I'll answer the question that intrigues me the most from prior threads: I say YES, the MCU now has (if it didn't already have) multiple time lines. There's no other realistic way to interpret (1) Loki making off with the Tesseract; (2) Thanos and his army getting dusted before Thanos ever obtained all the stones; or (3) Steve Rogers having a long life with Peggy Carter. At the very least we have those three alternate time lines. And yes, from any one of them could emerge - The Fantastic Four!

I'd rather the Fantastic Four just come forth in this, the original MCU timeline. I'm hoping we don't see too many stories of alternate timelines and alternate characters. The comics often get too bogged down in that kind of stuff as it is.

    I loved the Steve/Peggy thing. I'm a huge fan of Peggy Carter and the actress who plays her. The sadness Peggy always felt regarding Steve, and the sadness Steve always felt regarding Peggy, have been constant recurring plot points on TV and the movies. There really was only one path to happiness for either character, and Endgame gave it to them.

Yeah, I liked that ending for Steve and Peggy too. I wish it wasn't an alternate timeline Peggy though.

    As for Tony Stark, I have long expected he would give his life to save the universe. My rationale was based, of course, on the meta-reality of Rodney Downey Junior's contract being up and his expressed desire to be done with the character, as well as the equally important meta-reality that the broad consensus of creators and fandom gives Rodney Downey Junior a big portion of the credit for the MCU's success. And then of course there was the foreshadowing from the first Avengers film, wherein Tony made it clear he was willing to die for the greater good.

Very bittersweet ending for Tony. Such a powerful ending for the character, but I still can't help but wish he could have lived to see his daughter grow up. I can't believe how much these movies and Robert Downey Jr made me care about Iron Man of all characters. I've certainly never been much of a fan of the comic version.

    The biggest surprise in the whole movie, for me, was Thor's beer belly! OMG!

Yep, that really surprised me too! I'm glad I went into this movie spoiler free. Still, while I enjoyed that moment(and his fight with the kid over the headphones) and the humor related to it throughout the movie, I feel like Thor was let down a bit in this movie compared to where his story arc seemed to be headed in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. I loved the scene with Frigga and I'm pretty happy where they left Thor at the end of movie(especially if he is in GotG Vol. 3), but I still feel like they could have given him a bigger moment to show that he had recovered his self-esteem and drive to be a hero again. Him and Hulk both seemed to become almost after thoughts towards the last third of the movie.

    Ant Man was a big part of this movie and I'm glad. I love his films. I eagerly await the third, with bigger Cassie, even though I would have been perfectly happy with little Cassie. I'm sure Scott will try (at least a little) to strut around as one of the saviors of the universe, and of course this will fall flat because he'll somehow make a fool of himself. Nevertheless, he is, unequivocally, a savior of the universe.

Yep, greatly enjoyed Ant-Man in this and love his movies too! I feel bad for him and Cassie though missing out on five years of her life.

    Nebula has had a riveting story arc that still is going strong. She is easily the most interesting character in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, overshadowing even Rocket Raccoon. I can't think of any Marvel character I'm rooting more strongly for than Nebula.

Wow, she's the character your most interested in the GotG!? I like her and enjoyed her arc in this movie, but I find pretty much all the GotG characters more interesting than her.

    Captain Marvel was tremendous. See why I said she was Marvel's Superman? I was surprised yet moved by the scene near the end, where all the heroes who stood up to join her were women. What a girl power moment! And it cements in everyone's minds what Captain Marvel means to the MCU. She is the great central rallying point for girl power. Not to mention the fact that her movie has joined the billion dollar club.

I was a tiny bit disappointed in her role in this movie. I loved her in the Captain Marvel movie and I enjoyed her part in the beginning of this movie, but didn't enjoy her later part where she was just fighting as much. I would much rather she had more interaction and conversations with the other characters. Especially the characters like Cap and Tony that are now pretty much gone from the franchise.

    The Scarlet Witch had a moment of her own that was pretty impressive. I was beginning to think she might defeat Thanos single-handedly!

Yep, that was awesome! Ugh, it was just so frustrating, too many people had a big score to settle with Thanos(Thor, Iron Man, Starlord, Nebula, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, ect) and so few really got to have a good moment against him in the final fight.

Now, some of my thoughts on the movie-

It is a great finale and ending for the founding characters of this universe and the films preceding it. The only character of the original Avengers that I feel was let down a bit was Hulk, but even he got to the big moment to reverse the snap.

I know most of the focus was on the original Avengers members and there was a ton of character moments packed into this 3 hour movie, but I still wish there had been even more character interaction between all the different heroes. I really wanted to see some of the characters like Captain Marvel, Wasp, and Valkyrie to interact more with the likes of Cap, Thor, and Iron Man.

I have to say, I am super bummed about Gamora. At least Black Widow's sacrifice helped save the day. Gamora didn't even get that. She's probably my favorite of the Guardians and I was really hoping they would bring her back to life as well. I'm still hoping they somehow save the original Gamora from the Soul Stone in GotG 3. I have no interest in a Gamora that has none of the memories of the original. The Guardians of the Galaxy formed a family and the original Gamora was a big part of that. Without those shared experiences it's just not the same. The only way I can get behind this is if somehow this younger, other timeline Gamora sacrifices herself to bring back the original.

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