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Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 at 07:04:29 am EDT (Viewed 189 times)
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    Another breathtaking event was when Thanos shattered Cap's shield. And of course another was when Cap was able to wield Mjolnir. Thor's reaction - "I KNEW IT!" - was perfectly correct, as we all, I'm sure, remember Thor's eyes going wide when it looked like Cap might lift Mjolnir in the Ultron movie.

Not crazy about anything shattering the shield.

    The Vision is permanently gone. That's bittersweet for me. Bitter because I love the character but sweet because I was never really happy with the movie version, I think mainly because he wasn't given the amount of screen time that would have been necessary to do his character justice. Of course he has to be gone, because the Mind Stone had to be returned to the past.

He'll be back.

    Natasha is permanently gone. That doesn't bother me, because she never really had a story line. She was pretty much on the same level as Nick Fury in these movies. They both could pop up anywhere and have exciting and even emotional moments, but there was no real story arc for them. Frankly, I think Nick should have died too.

I really don't know any people personally that were bothered by this. The biggest reaction it got in my theatre was laughs. I didn't see the humour in it, but some did.

    It interests and moves me a lot that no fewer than three of the universe's saviors have (or had) daughters: Scott, Clint, and Tony. I have daughters so this touches me on a very personal level.


    Sad that Pietro wasn't brought back. There doesn't seem to be a plot reason for that. I guess Marvel just doesn't want Pietro in their movies.

This wasn't happening, anyway. I didn't even see it as a remote possibility.

    Cool how Peter David's smart Hulk got such a huge nod in this film. And stunning how the Ancient One so effortlessly separated and then reunited the personas.

Hulk was the most awesome hero in this.

    Nebula has had a riveting story arc that still is going strong. She is easily the most interesting character in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, overshadowing even Rocket Raccoon. I can't think of any Marvel character I'm rooting more strongly for than Nebula.

Okay, she was a hero too, and awesome in a totally different way.

    Captain Marvel was tremendous. See why I said she was Marvel's Superman? I was surprised yet moved by the scene near the end, where all the heroes who stood up to join her were women. What a girl power moment! And it cements in everyone's minds what Captain Marvel means to the MCU. She is the great central rallying point for girl power. Not to mention the fact that her movie has joined the billion dollar club.

I still don't think she really did much, and only served as a plot device.

    The Scarlet Witch had a moment of her own that was pretty impressive. I was beginning to think she might defeat Thanos single-handedly!

This is definitely a tougher Witch than the books.

    I am so glad Tony dusted Thanos. He needed to be dusted. I was worried there, for a few seconds, that Thanos wouldn't get his vastly deserved oblivion. But he did. I blurted out, "Thank God!"

Yes, he deserved it, but I still hoped for the petrification thing.

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