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Subj: Re: Good movie, even if not quite perfect
Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 at 04:06:31 pm EDT (Viewed 250 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Good movie, even if not quite perfect
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      Good question. I don't think we ever got an explanation as to what the Soul Stone does when used independently. All we know is that it's necessary for the Gauntlet.

    I don't think that we will often see the Infinity Stones anymore (except perhaps, in flashbacks).

I agree. I don't think Warlock will have the Soul Stone on his brow. I should have phrased my comments differently. I think the Soul Stone universe still exists, even though the Stone itself has been destroyed. I also think Warlock will (eventually) have some sort of connection to the Soul Stone universe. Maybe he'll help rescue Gamora.

Hmm. Do we think Black Widow exists in the Soul Stone universe?

    The one exception might be the Time Stone because it is also the Eye of Agamotto and because the Masters of the Mystic Arts need it against the forces of Darkness such as Dormammu.

    That's what the 2012 Ancient One said, anyway.

    So, it is highly possible that they find a way to bring back the Time Stone, somehow ... or a Time Stone since there may be countless versions in the Multiverse.

Good point!

    Also, the combination of the Space Stone & the Time Stone might be useful to travel through the Multiverse without using the Quantum Realm and, thus, the alternate 2012 version of the Tesseract might be used in combination with the Time Stone to do so.

I think the Space Stone is lost forever. But what do I know?

    Still, Marvel Studios might be fed up with the Infinity Stones and it is also highly possible that we don't see them at all anymore.

Reality, Mind, Space, and Power are gone forever, I think.

Time seems necessary so some solution will need to be found, apparently. Maybe that's the premise of the next Doctor Strange movie!

Soul is gone but I think its universe remains. We'll see.

    I still wonder what they may have in store for Adam.

I expect to see him in the next GotG film. But what do I know?

    In the comics, he was one of Thanos' archfoes and, at least two versions of Thanos are already dead (I supposed that there are other versions in the Multiverse but it is possible that the villain never comes back).

In the MCU most likely Warlock and Thanos will never meet. I certainly don't want them to. I never want to see Thanos again. He was awesome, don't get me wrong, but at this point, been there, done that.

    It is highly possible that Adam Warlock may encounter the chronal duplicate of Gamora and also, his own chronal duplicate, the Magus.

I think if we ever get a Warlock movie or TV show, the Magus and the Universal Church of Truth will be in it.

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