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Subj: Re: ENDGAME!
Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 at 09:25:43 pm EDT (Viewed 234 times)
Reply Subj: ENDGAME!
Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 at 09:58:44 am EDT (Viewed 288 times)

There’s a lot to like in this movie, but it’s messy, real messy.

    I finally saw it yesterday. Me, my older daughter, and her husband. All of us liked it a lot.

I saw it with my 13 year old son and 5 year old daughter. They made it through without a pee break! My daughter talked almost constantly, I thought the people next to us were going to yell at us. I had to keep shushing her every few minutes.

    I loved the Steve/Peggy thing. I'm a huge fan of Peggy Carter and the actress who plays her. The sadness Peggy always felt regarding Steve, and the sadness Steve always felt regarding Peggy, have been constant recurring plot points on TV and the movies. There really was only one path to happiness for either character, and Endgame gave it to them.

I like Hayley Atwell in this role, she was great in the first Cap movie and the one-shot. In her own show, I felt like the show let her down. She was good but the show wasn’t that interesting. I did like Jarvis so it was nice to see him return for the movie.

But did Peggy and Steve deserve a happy ending? He was pining for her, but she had moved on and gotten married. Yes, now there’s speculation that maybe the man she married was time-displaced Steve, although we were already told that what he does in the past doesn’t affect the main timeline so she must have married someone else in the main timeline. Like I said, messy.

    As for Tony Stark, I have long expected he would give his life to save the universe. My rationale was based, of course, on the meta-reality of Rodney Downey Junior's contract being up and his expressed desire to be done with the character, as well as the equally important meta-reality that the broad consensus of creators and fandom gives Rodney Downey Junior a big portion of the credit for the MCU's success. And then of course there was the foreshadowing from the first Avengers film, wherein Tony made it clear he was willing to die for the greater good.

Rodney? lol

Sort of a predictable consequence of finishing out his contract. I might have preferred him to ride off into the sunset, and raise his daughter. But there had to be some consequences, right?

Actually another thing I was happy about was that Tony’s vision of the future from Avengers 2 seemed to come true in this movie. At the time, I just thought it was a bad dream conjured up by Wanda to distract him, so it was nice to see that there was a real threat behind it and Tony’s overzealous creation of Ultron and Vision had a real purpose. Even if neither ‘bot factored into stopping Thanos. At least he tried.

Come to think of it, if Tony's vision of the future was real, how did Wanda conjure it? She seemed to have mind-control powers and telekinesis. Can she see the future?

    The biggest surprise in the whole movie, for me, was Thor's beer belly! OMG!

The comedy worked for me much better than it did in Ragnarok. At least here it had something to balance it, and you knew that Thor was only acting silly to hide his pain.

    Another breathtaking event was when Thanos shattered Cap's shield. And of course another was when Cap was able to wield Mjolnir. Thor's reaction - "I KNEW IT!" - was perfectly correct, as we all, I'm sure, remember Thor's eyes going wide when it looked like Cap might lift Mjolnir in the Ultron movie.

For me this was probably the best moment of the movie. Other people have told me how emotional they got during this movie and I didn’t really, which is surprising because I did a bit during Infinity War. I think I was too distracted by my kids. But this was a “whoa, cool!” moment. Also because Steve’s not just strong here because he got amped up by super steroids. He only gets the hammer because he’s a human worthy to walk amongst gods because of his strength of character.

    Another big surprise was Thanos dying practically at the start of the film. And how poignant that Thor killed him - and it didn't mean a darn thing.

That was great, and now they didn’t have an easy way to reverse things. Like others, I almost wish that had been the end of Thanos in the movie. If the time heist had gotten even more messed up and the rest of the movie had been them trying to untangle the mess, I’d have been happy with that.

    The Vision is permanently gone. That's bittersweet for me. Bitter because I love the character but sweet because I was never really happy with the movie version, I think mainly because he wasn't given the amount of screen time that would have been necessary to do his character justice. Of course he has to be gone, because the Mind Stone had to be returned to the past.

They didn’t mention what happened to him, and I sort of think his body’s in a storage locker somewhere. Like Banner said, even without the stone there is a still a lot left to Vision, perhaps the best parts. His turning grey in Infinity War seemed like a reference to the storyline where he was rebuilt without emotions as a white version. Why else would he turn grey if it didn’t mean something? We need a one-shot, “whatever happened to the Vision?”

    Natasha is permanently gone. That doesn't bother me, because she never really had a story line. She was pretty much on the same level as Nick Fury in these movies. They both could pop up anywhere and have exciting and even emotional moments, but there was no real story arc for them. Frankly, I think Nick should have died too.

Like others, I question if you can get the Soul Stone by someone else killing themself instead of you killing them. Still odd that they would kill Nat when she has a movie coming out. Hawkeye seemed a more logical choice, he would be willing to die for his family and to atone for becoming Ronin.

    Ant Man was a big part of this movie and I'm glad. I love his films. I eagerly await the third, with bigger Cassie, even though I would have been perfectly happy with little Cassie. I'm sure Scott will try (at least a little) to strut around as one of the saviors of the universe, and of course this will fall flat because he'll somehow make a fool of himself. Nevertheless, he is, unequivocally, a savior of the universe.

When we saw big Cassie, my daughter said “Peanut grew up!” I forgot she was Peanut, I can’t believe my daughter remembered. She was a fan of both Ant-Man movies.

    Sad that Pietro wasn't brought back. There doesn't seem to be a plot reason for that. I guess Marvel just doesn't want Pietro in their movies.

I’m sure they don’t want market confusion with the X-Men version. They probably only put him in Age of Ultron because it would seem odd if he wasn’t introduced with Wanda.

    Cool how Peter David's smart Hulk got such a huge nod in this film. And stunning how the Ancient One so effortlessly separated and then reunited the personas.

Really bummed that after all the buildup we got no payoff to the Banner/Hulk conflict. I mean it happened off camera. Whatever that scene was, where they decide to put their heads together, was probably going to be the most interesting scene of their arc. I say we need a Marvel One-Shot of this.

    Nebula has had a riveting story arc that still is going strong. She is easily the most interesting character in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, overshadowing even Rocket Raccoon. I can't think of any Marvel character I'm rooting more strongly for than Nebula.

Surprised/Not surprised that no reference is made to Nebula being the one to undo the snap in the comic version of this story. I like Nebula but I’m not sure I loved two of her, one good and one evil, but they needed to get that plot moving, I guess.

    Captain Marvel was tremendous. See why I said she was Marvel's Superman? I was surprised yet moved by the scene near the end, where all the heroes who stood up to join her were women. What a girl power moment! And it cements in everyone's minds what Captain Marvel means to the MCU. She is the great central rallying point for girl power. Not to mention the fact that her movie has joined the billion dollar club.

Captain Marvel was also very messy, in both her own movie and this one. I want to like her, but she doesn’t have much character due to the amnesia, mostly. Although Wolverine made it work. Her powers are vague and undefined, but then so were Wonder Woman’s god-killer powers, and that didn’t hamper her movie too much. I liked her at the beginning, as Thor did, when she just wanted to kill Thanos. Then she predictably vanishes for the entire movie before showing up at the end. She seems to go toe-to-toe with Thanos who has a full gauntlet, but yet she’s not the one to save the day. The girl power moment was fine, it was cool. If it was a bunch of dudes no one would care, but when it’s girls a lot of guy will think it’s pandering. Maybe it is. Doesn’t bother me.

    I am so glad Tony dusted Thanos. He needed to be dusted. I was worried there, for a few seconds, that Thanos wouldn't get his vastly deserved oblivion. But he did. I blurted out, "Thank God!"

I think it was Rhodey or Banner who pointed out the philosophical problem of killing baby Hitler. The problem here is that the Thanos who dusted everyone was already dead. This is an earlier version who hasn’t committed the crime yet. Killing him doesn’t satisfy vengeance, it doesn’t punish wrongdoing. That the heroes were so willing to do it is bothersome. Tony could have (should have) used the gauntlet to wipe their memories and send them back to their own time. It would have been proper, and would have been good for the space-time continuum.

I get it, I do. We wanted the rematch, the Rocky II where he finally wins. We get a replay of the last movie except this time Thanos loses. I understand how that is an effective followup to the last movie. Still it is a narrative cheat. It’s not the same Thanos.

They also combined the Thanos rematch with the Wakanda rematch, so it is efficient. I give it that. It works, even thought it shouldn’t. Which is why I say “messy, but it did the job.” Just like the time heist, I suppose.

Since the Russos said the essence of the stones remains in the universe, I wonder if Warlock will show up and be the embodiment of the Soul Stone. Gamora is alive again due to time travel shenanigans and he could put the original soul into the new body so they have her back again.

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