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Here is a fact: The new spiderman movie trailer establishes that the snap from Thanos, and presumably Hulk and Iron Man has caused damage to the fabric of reailty/causality.

Now rifts are apparently appearing that lead to.....OTHER EARTHS.

yes the MCU Earth is Earth-616.

Now the multiverse may be a good idea in that having the Fantastic Four and X-men suddenly manifest on Earth 616 is problematic. But set them on alternate Earths and then there is no continuity hiccups or WTF's in explaining where the mutants were when the Chitauri and Thanos attacked.

Same with the Eternals.

I really don't think it would be that difficult to have FF, X-Men and Eternals all be on the same MCU Earth.

- The FF origin can be tweaked to begin at any time.
- Mutants can easily have existed prior to Iron Man 1. We now know there were superpowered people before.
- Eternals can just be another hidden group. *cough*Thanos*cough*

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