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Subj: Re: Post-ENDGAME: Predictions?
Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 at 03:18:25 pm EDT (Viewed 220 times)
Reply Subj: Post-ENDGAME: Predictions?
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    So what are your predictions regarding the MCU post-Endgame?

A coming conflict between Galactus and the Dreaming Celestial will be the main arc holding the next phase of MCU movies together. We will get to see Galactus’ various heralds appear in different movies before Galactus finally appears. Air-Walker, Firelord (perhaps as a woman with him being combined with Frankie Raye; the Nova Corps. are already a thing in the MCU so using the name Nova could be confusing), Terrax, and the Silver Surfer will lead to a Galactus story.

Black Panther 2: Count Nefaria knows a way to get super powers but he needs vibranium from Wakanda to get them. Falcon and Winter Soldier track him and his lackeys, Whirlwind and the Living Laser, there.

Black Widow: Black Widow is brought back to life. Viper is introduced as a villain working for Hydra.

Captain Marvel 2: The Supreme Intelligence manipulates Carol into fighting herald of Galactus, Firelord. Spectrum/Photon/Monica Rambeau will become a superhero.

Eternals: Sersi is the closest thing to a main character. Deviants are the villains. Celestial lore is explored. Terrax the Tamer makes an end credits cameo.

Doctor Strange 2: Baron Mordo and Mephisto will be the villains.

Fantastic Four: The FF vs. Dr. Doom.

Fantastic Four 2: The Silver Surfer and Galactus appear. Dr. Doom steals Galactus’ power.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 3: In the years since GOTG2, Adam Warlock has been born and instituted the Universal Church of Truth. Air-Walker appears as a side character.

Shang Chi: Viper reappears here teamed up with the Silver Samurai. Black Widow teams up with Shang Chi.

Shang Chi 2: Shang Chi vs. Taskmaster

Thor 4: Sif was dispatched by the late Odin to find long lost son Balder. Sif is successful and returns with him. He is extremely handsome and the gleaming representation of honor and nobility, and Sif is very impressed, too impressed in Thor’s eyes and he’s jealous. Valkyrie however catches the eye of Balder, but Valkyrie is interested in warrior woman, Sif. Along comes Amora, who wants Thor for herself and meddle in all the (relation)shipping. Waititi hijinks ensue. In the meantime, Ulik, long time enemy of Asgard who escaped from the dungeons during Malekith’s attack on Asgard in The Dark World, has a plan to unleash the Midgard Serpent and destroy all the remaining Asgardians and Earth as well.

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