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Subj: Re: DD #5: The rising kill count...
Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 at 04:02:59 pm EDT (Viewed 181 times)
Reply Subj: DD #5: The rising kill count...
Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 at 03:06:42 pm EDT (Viewed 210 times)

    Daredevil 005

    The cover is good considering what happens in this good story.

I wonder if this cover was any sort of homage. It's pretty iconic, I think.

    The Owl is good enough as run of the mill boss villain du jour.

He's sort of like DD's Rhino or Wrecking Crew.

His immediate shock and alarm at seeing Daredevil was beautiful.

    DD vs Krush was good action. Curious about his armor if he becomes recurring.

Krush could become the new Gladiator in terms of his role in the mythos.

I loved how DD took him out. I just wish the art was a little bit easier to follow. We never actually see how Matt gets one end of the chain hooked onto Krush. We have to infer it. Which isn't tremendously difficult but still, it took me out of the story for a moment.

Kudos to DD for shooting the tire of the getaway vehicle. One of my pet peeves with movies and TV shows is how rarely the protagonist will shoot the stupid tires.

    Defenders help DD vs Mob was good. Disappointing that they completely ignore their Defenders and believable connection.

I don't understand your comment. Did you want the heroes to actually say the word, "Defenders"?

I think Marvel has decided the Defenders will once again be the classic Big 4 from the Bronze Age. For now, at least. I anticipate a new iteration that doesn't include the Hulk, because Mark Ruffalo's contract most likely has come to an end.

    Very unclear how DD was incapacitated. Is that radar sense panel implying Cage KA-THUNK'ed him against the wall?

I think Matt passed out.

    Hilariously clever reason for Punisher shirt.

I loved it!

    Nitpick: Throwing in those 3 flashback panels in his yellow costume with a father confessor was not clearly enough defined (for newer readers to figure out) and throwing out the 1 present panel in between was storyflow confusing, imo.

I think the yellow costume was a smart way to tell us the scenes were set in the past. It's true that a new reader wouldn't get it. But does Daredevil even HAVE any new readers? I wonder. Readership is just generally dwindling.

    Awesome choice to have Spidey be the one to TALK to DD. Their conversation was believable and engaging. It was great how Spidey was resolute but "not holier than thou". It felt like a well done twist how they didn't have to "fight" and that Mat actually heeded his advice based on his POV the narrative suggests (even if it'll only be for the arc).

This is the Spider-Man that makes sense for us to see in the modern day. The comic relief Spider-Man we get so often in team-up books is the anachronistic arachnid. Marvel nowadays should use Deadpool for that stuff.

    Nitpick: Super, super silly excuse given how he specifically added that he didn't look at the Murdock name on the mailbox to preserve the secret identity, imo.

Spider-Man followed Matt, who didn't walk in the front door. I think it's plausible that Peter never saw the mailbox.

    SIDEBAR: Even if the story twists it so DD did not kill the guy because he died because of what happened in ambulance transit then people might still have a debate on their hands 'cuz this story 'confirms' that Luke and Jessica (and maybe Iron Fist) have dealt with unintentionally killing people in the line of duty. Does anyone have the storylines that might apply to these (implied) deaths?

I don't. But I totally buy it that now and then a random thug dies unintentionally. And it doesn't bother me. These heroes aren't omnipotent or omniscient. They can't control all variables. Danny should never aim his iron first directly at some normal guy's head. But if some dufus aims his head at Danny's iron fist...

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