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Subj: Re: Post-ENDGAME: Predictions?
Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 at 12:02:14 pm EDT (Viewed 175 times)
Reply Subj: Post-ENDGAME: Predictions?
Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 at 05:22:23 pm EDT (Viewed 283 times)

    So what are your predictions regarding the MCU post-Endgame?

I've pondered this quite a bit since seeing Endgame and I have nothing beyond the obvious. Obvious being:
*Black Window movie will be an origin movie with her turning on her "handlers" and coming West.
*Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will be the search for Gammora.
*Eternals will introduce the Deviants and Celestial beginnings of life on Earth.

I do know what I'd LIKE to see:
*Shang Chi movie will involve him finding out the true evil machinations of his father (the real Mandarin) and his group of thugs (the Ten Rings). All credit goes to Grey Gargoyle for this one.

*Thor 4 in which he goes to Pluto's Realm and retrieves the Warriors 3 and Hiemdahl.

*A Sleeper movie set in the 1950's in which Steve Rogers comes out of seclusion/retirement (costumed as Nomad - so as to keep story of "Cap on Ice" intact) to take on the Nazi Sleeper . Another Nazi will have to stand in for the Red Skull, too bad they've used Baron Strucker in such a disposable way. Perhaps Baron Blood could be introduced and since he's a vampire he could be used again in a Marvel Movie in a contemporaneous setting as well.

*Doctor Strange 2 in which Steven and Baron Mordu have it out - I would like to see an introduction of Clea somewhere along the way. Movie Mordu is so much more than his mustache twirling comic book counterpart. This movie, if done right, could actually leave you saying "You know Mordu wasn't all wrong about this".

*Avengers 5 in which the 10 Rings and the Mandarin are finally dealt with.

*A "buddy movie" in which Falcon and Union Jack finish off Baron Blood.

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