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Reply Subj: If there was ever an Acts Of Vengence II
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Moon Knight Annual #1 has the words 'Acts Of Evil' on the cover. This made me think of the classic 'Acts Of Vengence' crossover in Marvel comics 30 years ago.

I would love to see an Acts Of Vengence II in the MU today.

Here's what I would have:

Prime Instigators : Loki, Mephisto, & Pluto

Earthly Instigators : Dr. Doom, Magneto, Red Skull, Mandarin, Attuma, Yellow/Golden Claw (he can easily be resurrected).

Among the battles :

Captain America Vs. Tiger Shark (a clash I've always wanted to see)

The Hulk Vs. Mangog & Yetrigar

Wolverine Vs. Tyrak

Ms. Marvel vs. The Super-Adaptoid

Spider-Man Vs. The Locust

Squirrel Girl Vs. Stegron

The FF Vs. The U-Foes (at last!)

Agents Of Atlas Vs. The Headmen

Daredevil Vs. Styx & Stone.

What do you think?

Pluto, anyway? Has he been seen or even heard from since Secret Wars? If so, when? Ditto for Tyrak. I only remember him from like, ONE issue of The Avengers (And that was from like, two decades or so ago.). He's a VERY obscure character. I also would like to see The Wrecking Crew but ONLY if they go back to their old status of actually being special and or dangerous. They have pretty much been chumps (More or less.) for the past decade or so. Thanks.