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Subj: Re: Marvel Comics #1000 comments and questions
Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 at 05:34:33 pm EDT (Viewed 332 times)
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It seems like a lot of folks disliked Marvel Comics #1000. I thought it was very interesting for what it tried to do. I do wish a higher percentage of the pages tied into the Masked Raider story though.

I had to create a document to track the history of the Eternity Mask, to make sense of the story. Here's what I came up with:

519 - The first Black Knight fights a commoner wearing the Eternity Mask. They fight for 3 days, and Black Knight barely wins. He loses track of the Eternity Mask. The group the commoner was with was talking about creating a free land without a king.

1880 - Matt Masters takes the Eternity Mask off the dying Masked Raider, who talked about the mask as a holy thing that saved them from kings, and made America what it was. Masked Raider dies as soon as mask is removed, Matt Masters becomes the new Masked Raider

1930 - Matt Masters spreads stories of his wealth to attract the attention of The Ferret. Masters gives Ferret the mask, but notes that Ferret's skills means he probably won't notice the magic of the mask.

1939 - 3 Xs/Scientist Guild visits P.Horton to investigate the Human Torch. They are curious about the purpose of the Human Torch, and don't like the philosophical answer they get.

1940 - 3 Xs/Scientist Guild visits The Ferret and ask for the Eternity Mask. Ferret gives them the mask so they can fight Nazis. Ferret says he never noticed any magic in the mask. He wore it as a criminal.

1941 - 3 Xs investigate the mask in the same building and at the same time that Steve Rogers becomes Captain America.

1946 - The Thunderer quits the Enclave because Enclave's Adam II project killed Captain America2.

1956 - Marvel Boy/The Uranian finds the corpse of Jerry Carstairs/The Dark Avenger/The Thunderer. Carstairs had left a recording telling whoever found him to look out for the Scientist Guild, as they were still looking for the mask.

1958 - Enclave can't get the mask to "work". They note it's possibly because they are trying to rule the world, not free it.

2006 - Enclave creates Him/Adam Warlock. Hamilton is nearly killed. He dons the mask and becomes Blind Justice.

2008 - Weapon Alpha investigates a rumoured Enclave base. Blind Justice attacks and leaves.

9 months ago - Roberto DeCosta tells Jimmy Woo he's noticed some weird things about the 3 Xs and The Thunderer, but doesn't know what it means.

8 months ago - Jimmy Woo talks to Namora about The Thunderer. The Uranian explains that it's about the mask, not The Thunderer.

7 months ago - Jimmy Woo asks Gorilla Man to use his Avengers staff access to their Celestial base to dig up more info on the mask.

6 months ago - Jimmy Woo wonders out loud to DeCosta why the mask didn't birth an era of super-heroes. It seems to spread rebellion and individuals fighting for justice wherever it's found.

1 month ago - Jimmy brings Night Thrasher into the investigation. Night Thrasher wants to bring in Blue Marvel.

1 week ago - Jimmy Woo, Night Thrasher, Blue Marvel review all available info on the Eternity Mask. Jimmy Woo wonders out loud if they have become the new 3 Xs.

Now - The Masked Raider listens to interviews of various heroes to gain insight into their motivations, and illuminate his own motivation. We're told in narration we'll find out who is behind the mask, which makes it sound like it's not still Hamilton.

Tomorrow - Zota, of the Enclave, brings Korvac on line as their "Adam IV" project.

??? - Eternity states that the Eternity Mask is made of his substance. He holds silhouettes of what looks like Namor, The Angel (Thomas Halloway), Human Torch, Masked Raider, and a caveman or Ka-Zar(?).

Now, I have a few questions.

How does Jimmy Woo know Night Thrasher? Why would Woo contact Thrash? How does Thrash know Blue Marvel? I love these characters, and I know that Ewing enjoys writing them, but what are the "no prize" reasons?

Is Adam Warlock the Enclave's "Adam-III"? Who was Adam-I? The original Human Torch?

The interviews were getting really old. They were redeemed somewhat by the last couple pages with Masked Raider reviewing them for motivation to "End what started with the Human Torch".

What do you think it was that was started with the Human Torch that the Masked Raider wants to end? Super-science? The Enclave?

Is there any reason the following stories couldn't be in continuity?

Groot & Rocket (p. 22)
Captain America as a kid (p. 26)
The White Tigers (p. 38)
Iron Man/Dr. Doom (p. 43)
Vulture (p. 51)
Apocalypse (p. 57)
Young Avenger (p. 67)
Miles Morales (p. 73)

Is the Captain America story on page 6 an in continuity interview?

I'm leaning towards out of continuity on:

Hellcat (p. 7)
both MJ stories (p. 35 & 72), although both were well done, I thought.
Night Raven? (p. 41) Is he 616?
Howard the Duck (p. 48)
The Spider-Man story on page 56 can't be literal. He's out of his mask explaining how his powers work.

I loved the Eternity Mask stuff!

I'd wager that this plot factors into the upcoming Incoming story.

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