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Subj: Re: Marvel Comics #1000 comments and questions
Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 at 12:15:51 pm EDT (Viewed 286 times)
Reply Subj: Marvel Comics #1000 comments and questions
Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 at 01:37:43 pm EDT (Viewed 285 times)

    It seems like a lot of folks disliked Marvel Comics #1000. I thought it was very interesting for what it tried to do. I do wish a higher percentage of the pages tied into the Masked Raider story though.

I enjoyed it; it was rather nice to see some half-forgotten characters get some panel-space. Personally, I was satisfied enough that more space wasn't devoted to the Masked Raider/Eternity Mask plotline - which will no doubt figure prominently enough in an upcoming mega-event...

    Now, I have a few questions.

    How does Jimmy Woo know Night Thrasher? Why would Woo contact Thrash? How does Thrash know Blue Marvel? I love these characters, and I know that Ewing enjoys writing them, but what are the "no prize" reasons?

    Is Adam Warlock the Enclave's "Adam-III"? Who was Adam-I? The original Human Torch?

According to
Adam-III is a reactivated and upgraded Adam-II; he appeared in Captain America and Bucky #628 (2012).
The same site also says that Adam-II was named after the biblical Adam, so I would surmised that Adam-I is the Adam from the Book of Genesis. I have to wonder if Roy Thomas gave Adam-II that name in homage to the Fawcett/DC (Marvel Family) supervillain Black Adam.

    The interviews were getting really old. They were redeemed somewhat by the last couple pages with Masked Raider reviewing them for motivation to "End what started with the Human Torch".

    What do you think it was that was started with the Human Torch that the Masked Raider wants to end? Super-science? The Enclave?

    Is there any reason the following stories couldn't be in continuity?

    Groot & Rocket (p. 22)
    Captain America as a kid (p. 26)
    The White Tigers (p. 38)
    Iron Man/Dr. Doom (p. 43)
    Vulture (p. 51)
    Apocalypse (p. 57)
    Young Avenger (p. 67)
    Miles Morales (p. 73)

    Is the Captain America story on page 6 an in continuity interview?

It could also be from his journal (which happens to be quoted three pages earlier), something he wrote down with the intention that it would only become public after his death.

    I'm leaning towards out of continuity on:

    Hellcat (p. 7)
    both MJ stories (p. 35 & 72), although both were well done, I thought.

The first one (1973) could be MJ talking in private to someone who also knows Peter's secret; in the main continuity it could be e.g. the Black Cat, but it could also be from a timeline that diverged from 616 after Gwen's death, like MC-2 (e.g. talking to her daughter May) or that of "Renew Your Vows" (talking to her daughter Annie May).

    Night Raven? (p. 41) Is he 616?

Yes, but at least one story ("Nocturne") isn't; see

    Howard the Duck (p. 48)

It might belong in the reality in which the Hostess Fruit Pie ads are set ;\-\)

    The Spider-Man story on page 56 can't be literal. He's out of his mask explaining how his powers work.

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