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Posted: Tue May 26, 2020 at 03:38:14 pm EDT (Viewed 129 times)
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    Kind of going through a rewatch of all of the films and I have a few questions!


    1. Where is/was Sif during almost everything involving Thor past Dark World?

She was in two episodes of Agents of Shield (one taking place after T:TDW), where it was revealed that "Odin" was sending her on another mission.

    2. No more Iron Man, doesnt mean no more War Machine does it?

Very probably not, but of course someone else will need to repair/upgrade the armor. Probably Shiri

    3. In Infinity War we know that Thanos got the stone from the Collector, but we did not see a body anywhere...Did Thanos kill the Collector?

It's never been stated

    4. If Captain America went back in time and lived a life with Peggy...does that mean old Captain America...was at Peggys funeral at the same time as young Cap?

No, Cap was living in an alternate reality.

    5. Would things have turned out differently if Odin and Hela were not already dead?

I don't know. They might cover that in a What If episode.

Yes, Cap had to be in another timeline/reality after going back.

I still suspect that his first stop was to return the Soul Gem, and I bet he and the Skull had some words with each other including Cap trying to get Natasha back. Whether that succeeded or not is unknown.

I suspect his last stop was the time stone and the ancient one had a long talk with him about his life, his destiny, etc and that he had a choice to make.  Also I suspect she used her magic and the time stone to rebuild his shield as a gesture of thanks.

Cap at first claims in the movie he has accepted being in the here and now and wants to move forward with his life. I believed him.  Then he gets to go back in time and see Peggy.....Cap stays on mission but now he knows that he can go back and be with her without disrupting the past as it would be a new time line.  Honestly, I don't blame him at all for wanting to be with her.

Also I suspect his living his life in the other time line was a subtle nod to how Cap was created back in the pre-Marvel TIMELY days where he survived the war along with Bucky and continued on after the war. The whole frozen in ice thing and others being Cap was all retcon to fit him into the Marvel Universe.

So Cap goes back, reunites with Peggy and together they make things happen in a more TIMELY and better manner in this new timeline.

With Cap's knowledge of what he learned:

1. SHIELD can be built without HYDRA infiltration.

2. HYDRA can be fought more effectively starting with incarceration or neutralization of Arnim Zola

3. Bucky is rescued.

4. Cap can hopefully open relations with Wakanda and get them into the world stage a lot sooner.

5. Cap might be able to prevent the murder of Howard and Maria Stark by Hydra which should be of benefit to Tony of that timeline.

6. he could still encourage Tony to develop and improve arc reactor tech for clean energy as well as build the IRON MAN Tech

7. in theory this timeline would still have THOR banished to Earth by ODIN, but Cap could be there to aid THOR and befriend him.

8. Earth could be far more ready to handle the Chitari and Cap could make sure things are more prepared for the Thanos of that timeline.

9. The version of him frozen in ice could still be found in the same year as in our time line, and he could be defrosted and take over as Captain America again.

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